Toro Timecutter ss5000 Review

Zero-turn mowers are preferred a lot due to their power, quality, and performance. This one isn’t too different at all. When it comes to power then the Toro Timecutter ss5000 is pretty much unbeatable.

Toro Timecutter ss5000 Review

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It comes with a good cutting deck, powerful engine, modern working modes, and more. All these make your space look perfect. It also ensures that the work gets done faster so that you don’t have to spend too much time on your lawn mowing it. Overall, it comes with some good features which make it perfect for landscaping. What makes it so better and powerful are:


The mower comes with a steel frame of 10 gauge and has a sturdy and strong built. This strength allows it to carry along any cart or other accessories with it.

Toro comes with a tow hitch which makes it different from other kinds of zero-turn mowers. It will allow you to haul weights and carts up to a certain weight. But if you have to fertilize the land then you can use this to tow a cart around and get the work done.

The Timecutter ss5000 comes with a 50-inch deck. It has 3 blades that allow for a 50-inch cut. This wide-area cutting ensured that you will get a lot of coverage. The blade moves using a fully electric PTO. It is made from 12 gauge stamped steel which is rust-resistant. It is designed to have a 4-inch dome as well as top discharge.

The height of the deck cutting varies from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches. You will be able to set the cutting height between 7 kinds of positions. So you can get the kind of cuts you want. You will find that the machine comes with three-deck wheels which are all adjustable. They all have a unique anti-scalp design which ensures that even when cutting, there is no need for the deck to be grounded.

When you are mowing the lawn you can opt for three kinds of disposals. One is the side discharge and one is too much the grass clippings. The third option is to bag up the grass clippings. Bagging should be opted for when you want a clean, crisp and professionally manicured lawns. There are two bags with the mower and they can hold 8 bushels each. The bagger will pick up the grass clippings while the grass is being cut or while you are mowing fallen leaves. The mulch kit will cut the leaves or grass into much finer clippings which can in turn be used to fertilize the yard.

TimeCutter SS5000 is a machine where you can choose the engine you want. You can buy the model with the Kohler 24 horse-power or with the Kawasaki 23 horse-power. But you might be asking about which one is better. So let’s know the two engines better: the Kawasaki FR691V engine can give you 23 horse-power. It has a V-twin forced, 2 cylinders air-cooled shaft (vertical) over the head-valve engine. Kawasaki is popular amongst the two due to its durability and history. The Kohler engine gives you a commercial and powerful engine. Thus 24 horse-power, V-twin air-cooled shaft (vertical) engine gives you quiet and smooth performance. You will find that the engine uses cast-iron cylinders and has pressure lubrication for protection. This will deliver you great performance but without any of the huge price tags.

The machine has an inbuilt parking brake when engaged automatically when needed. You will find that the control handles come with dampers that ensure you get a smooth operation without any jerky movements. Know that first-time users will face a little difficulty with best zero-turn lawn mowers. But after using it for some time you will find that you can handle the machine much better.

The machine comes with a dual drive system which is hydrostatic. You can push on the control handles to go in the direction you want. The transmission will not provide any problems and will instead work with ease. Since there are two hydrostatic systems so you will get responsive and smooth maneuverability.

The machine comes with a unique and exclusive Smart Speed feature. This system ensures that you can choose between two different kinds of speed settings. These settings make use of the very best combo of torque and speed to get the job done. One of the two settings is Mow-and-Go. This allows the machine to work at a speed of around 7mph. Know that this 7mph is the full speed that the machine can go for. What this setting is made for is simply cutting off the grass. The second setting, called the Trim-and-Tow feature doesn’t let the machine work faster than the set limit of 4mph. This setting puts the transmissions and mower in a good power range to fully tow any attachments. Otherwise, the transmissions can get torn up. This is a damaging situation and will make the machine inert unless the transmissions get repaired. But the Trim-and-Tow feature is set in such a way that this problem gets prevented. This is also a good setting to make use of if you are working in tighter areas or are not too experienced with the mower and the work at hand.

Ease of use and performance

If you buy the product from a legitimate authorized dealer, you will find that they will not only assemble the machine but so perform a full inspection. Moreover when the machine gets delivered to you, a professional will teach you everything you need to know about operating as well as maintaining the mower. You will learn to ride it on-site so that you don’t crash the machine later on.

It has a very easy working mechanism. You will find that all the needed switches are present on the right-hand side of the driver and that too beside the seat. This makes it easy to access the controls.

You will find that the lever which controls the height is also present in the front. But along with this, there is another lever as well. This one lets you fix the direction you want your mower to work on.

Cutting small grass is easy with it but with tall grasses, you might need to run over the same patch a couple of times. But makes sure that it’s from different or opposite directions. This technique will ensure that you get the results you want. Since the machine is easy to maneuver so you won’t face problems at all.

The machine comes with a high-back seat which is 18-inches high. The thickly cushioned seat ensures that the rider will be able to sit comfortably and with a better posture. You will be able to work comfortably for hours. The control handled is very thickly padded too which prevents your palms from going red after some time. Comfort isn’t the only which this seat offers. It has shock-absorption springs too which prevents you from getting jerked around. The seat, as well as the control handles, are adjustable. So you can set it according to your height.


There are accessories available for Timecutter ss5000 and one of them is town rollers. These rollers will help pack down any dirt. It will also help you level up your lawn. You will find that this eliminates obstructions like mounds, mouse holes, divots, and any hills. With the help of these rollers, you will get even surfaces. What’s more, is that these rollers can work on either sand or water.

You can get spreaders with your machine as well. These are used for spreading minerals, grass seed, and fertilizers into the lawn. Spreaders ensure that you get an even and fast distribution.

A cargo carrier is something you will need if you have to haul garden tools, soil, mulch bags, rocks, and more. You will find that it is a great accessory for homeowners who aren’t fully comfortable with driving a trailer or don’t have much storage. Although know that you will need a front kit for weighting the mower so that it doesn’t tip over.

Aerators will make holes in the lawn and ensure that water and nutrients get absorbed better. It is suggested that lawns should get aerated twice annually. For Timecutter ss5000, aerators are found in both Spike or Plug styles.

The dethatcher will help you pull and kick up old grass, leaves, and weeds. This will prevent the grass from getting choked during spring. As such due to this accessory, there will be a healthy carpet of grass growing. With this model, you will be able to use the 48-inch dethatcher or the 40 inches wide one too.


The product comes with a 3-year consumer warranty for unlimited hours. This is unique because there are very few zero-turn residential mowers which come with this kind of back up warranty. What this shows is that the company has full faith in the quality and functionality of the product.

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