Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum Review

If you have been on the lookout for good quality and multipurpose leaf blowers with heightened and the latest functions, the Toro 51621 is one of the best available options in the market. The design and the overall features in this leaf blower are what make this worth the while and the worthy investment.

The most important factor about this leaf blower that does stand out is the fact that it comes with some of the latest technological innovations without any exaggerations. Not just that, the device does perform quite ideally without you having to put in extra efforts to just get it working, which is a bonus.

If you have been meaning to buy the Toro 51621 leaf blower, we have a detailed review for you to look into.

Toro 51621: Key Specifications

  • Comes in the 3-in-1 functions helping you clean your yard
  • Comes with the Shredz all ring for better cutting of the leaves off
  • Integrated with the oscillating nozzle kit
  • Has a powerful engine which generated up to 250 mph of air
  • Comes with the speed control feature
  • Has the cord storage hook for easy storage options

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Toro 51621: Detailed Review

With the basic specifications out of the way, we are going to divulge into some in-depth study of things for your better understanding like never before.

Design and build

The very first and the most important factor about this specific leaf blower that stands out in the crowd is the lightweight design and build. It has also been ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort while you are using it. It ensures that the user can use it for hours in the end without getting tired or complaining about pain.

The leaf blower weighs just 7.4 pounds which is very lightweight and ensures maximum comfort while you are holding it. It does have a very compact design that further ensures ease of use like nowhere else. The handle has also been designed to ensure that you can use it with a single or double hand, as per convenience.

The attachable tubes that come with the device further ensure ease of use and get multiple works done in no time at all. You can also change the tubes without having to make use of any kind of separate tools, which is again quite amazing.

Engine and power

The next thing about the Toro 51621 that is worth discussing is the engine and the overall power of this leaf blower. It comes with a powerful 12 amp motor that works efficiently and gets the work done seamlessly without any kind of distractions at all. It also does deliver an airspeed of up to 225 mph which again is a good option for you to check out.

The powerful motor in this ensures to get rid of the larger debris in a matter of minutes with the 330 cubic foot of airspeed that it offers. It comes in two modes of blow mode and vacuum mode that you can change around depending on your needs.

Power through

Another important feature and function of the Toro 51621 that stands out is the quick release latch. The best thing that it gets done is the ease of switching between the leaf blower mode and the vacuum mode, according to your needs. It doesn’t need any kind of specialized tools for the same, which again is quite a good option.

The fan in this also comes with a very unique design helping with enhanced flow rate for better cleaning without creating clogging around in the machine. It also enhances the overall performance of the vacuum, further adding to the benefits.


As we did mention before, this is not just a leaf blower but has multiple functions that you can look into. The additional mulcher that the device comes with help in getting rid of the collected debris into shreds and smaller pieces, making the cleaning process easier. It claims to reduce around 81% of the debris to half a crazy inch size.

The mulcher does make use of plastic impeller which has been found to have beneficial impacts in helping improve the cleaning process without creating a further mess around.

The only thing to ensure is to avoid mulching down the wet debris because that can end up causing clogging which isn’t something you want or needs.

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Does it come with speed control?

If you have been meaning to buy the Toro 51621, know for a fact that it comes with the variable speed control for better use according to your needs. This lets you fine-tune the airflow, ensuring that you wouldn’t have to worry about blowing all your hard work out.

Does this leaf blower make a lot of noise?

To be fair, one of the primary selling points of this device was the fact that it doesn’t create unnecessary noises. The operator’s ear only hears till 67 dB, which is pretty decent and won’t end up pissing your neighbors off as well.

Does this come with a warranty?

The Toro 51621 does come with a warranty period of 2 years on the entire product. Additionally, you also have 90 days money-back guarantee, in case you don’t like something about the product or are not satisfied with the results.

Where to buy?

For those who are looking to buy the Toro 51621, it can be bought online on several of the e-commerce websites like Amazon, or if that isn’t something you have access to, they are also available around in the offline stores nearby to your home as well.

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