PowerSmart DB 8621p Review

Powersmart is a company that produces a whole array of great power outdoor types of equipment that ranges from lawnmowers, snowblowers, clean up tools for your yard, and more. They are dedicated to making and providing premium quality products coupled with great customer service.

PowerSmart DB 8621p Review

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Powersmart aims to give you everything you need in an outdoor power tool and that too at the lowest price possible. One of their creations is the Powersmart DB 8621p. This gas-powered lawnmower is ideal for smaller sized yards. Read on to know our review of this product:


This product measures 18x33x23 and is perfect for small yards which are around ¼ acres to ½ acres. The machine weighs 68 pounds and it’s not very heavy to move or maneuver at all. Even if you feel like it’s too much, think of it as a small exercise as you mow your little lawn.

The machine comes with a 159cc powerful engine that gives you the power to get all the pesky weeds and grass in one go. Its OHV 4-cycle engine starts upright on the very tug itself and doesn’t give you any hassle. You will find that this black and red machine gets all the mowing done effortlessly due to this one-start powerful engine.

There is a deep construction which is done on the machine’s dome deck. This along with the conjugation of both a sturdy and sharp blade, mulching becomes a very highly desirable option when using this tool.

The machine is lightweight and easy to maneuver. This ensures that you can get those grass that is growing in the very corners of the yard. This tool can quite easily zip around your yard without any trouble. It should be said that shouldn’t use this machine on larger yards which have thick grass cover. This is because, while the motor is powerful but the power output isn’t high enough to slice through thick grass.

The machine can be adjusted into 5 different kinds of heights. This ensures that you can keep your lawn however you want. If you want varied lengths of grass in patterns throughout the lawn then that design is possible. It’s very easy to adjust the machine’s cutting height because all it takes is one lever. There’s no hassle involved at all and with just one lever you will be able to get the kind of grass height you need in your lawn.

The machine comes with 8-inch wheels that make it easy to push this tool. You will find that these large wheels make maneuverability easier and reduce the effort needed to push the tool.

There is a mowing deck of 21 inches. This means that you will get a cutting width of the same. As such the mower will cover a wide area and make the job of mowing your lawn faster.

The machine comes with a bagging container that can accommodate 18 gallons of grass clippings. You will find that in the container there’s an easy to use release that discharges the clippings whenever you want. This ensures that it’s easy to clean up after mowing the lawn.

Ease of use

Powersmart DB 8621p is easy to assemble and it won’t take you more than ten minutes or so. All you have to do is put in the upper and lower handle and then insert the starter handle (recoil) cable right in the hook present on the very upper handle. After that, once you put in the gas the machine will be ready to work. You will find that detaching and attaching the grass holder is also simple. There are also provisions for attaching on the side discharger if needed.

To make operating the machine easier for you, the tool’s engine throttle has been already set to ensure that you get optimum mulching and bagging performance for years ahead.

Know that with 8-inch wheels and with a 21-inch cutting width, mowing your lawn will become very easy for you. You will find that the wheels ensure better maneuvering even around tight corners and spaces. The cutting width will let you cover the area faster and make your job easier.

There is a side discharge option that comes with the machine. Using it is a great way to ensure that your little yard gets fertilized. When you opt for the side discharge function, the grass will be thrown on the side in a neat line if you continue to push the machine in a straight line. When the land absorbs that fertilizer, the next growth of plants of flowers in your yard will be healthy.


Always add gasoline and oil before you start the engine of the machine.

Every time you go out to mow a lawn, make sure you check the condition of the blades. Always ensure that it is indeed securely attached, is balanced and in a good condition. Always make use of a blade that is sharp. A sharp blade will prevent your grass lawn from becoming uneven and frayed. Frayed grass blades can make the whole lawn turn yellow.

Always switch off the machine when you feel that the blades have struck an object. After switching off, make sure that the blades stop completely. Then check on the blades and note what condition they are in. Also, make sure to check on the machine’s blade mount. If you find that parts have been damages then try to replace them as fast as you can.

If you plan on adjusting the cutting height in the midst of mowing the lawn then don’t do it. Make sure to carry out the adjustments only after the blades and engines have fully stopped. This will let you get different designs on your land.

Make sure that you never put on a tarp or storage cover on the.machine while it’s still not. This will prevent the fumes from escaping and also stop the mower from cooling down faster. Over time it may prevent the mower from operating at its full capacity.

Always try to ensure that the tank is full. This will lessen the amount of whatever vapor and air go into the environment. Moreover, it will reduce the deterioration and corrosion of the machine’s fuel.

After every use, make sure that you clean up underneath the machine. This will prevent debris and grass clippings from piling up and decomposing. If you don’t make this check then gradual pile up can harm the sharpness of the blades as well as emit a foul smell eventually. Checking on the deck will improve the longevity of the machine.

Keep note of the vibration produced by the machine. Know that any excessive vibration is simply a sign of possible damage. If you feel like there’s too much noise and vibration then shut off the machine and then inspect it and then repair it. Always make sure to check all the adjustments once every season at least.

Check on all the fasteners to ensure that they are fully tight. But no matter what inspection of maintenance you are carrying out, always remember to switch off the engine. Then let it fully cool down before proceeding. Also, don’t forget to take out the plug before beginning your operation.

Safety features

This Powersmart machine comes fully equipped with a stop level/start engine that stops any kind of unintentional of accidental start-ups. As such due to this, you can always ensure that there will be safe operations. If you let go of this lever then it will quickly stop the blade.

Before you begin mowing, familiarize yourself with the stop/start level. This will ensure that the actuator cables and the lever is working properly.

Know that when you let go of the stop/start lever, the engine of the mower should ideally stop functioning within just a couple of seconds. If the same doesn’t happen then contact customer service.


You will find that this push lawn mower is easily adjustable and it comes with the 3-in-1 cleanup feature. This machine does offer you great value in return for a price although many will say that the price is too high especially when compared to other lawn mowers, even electric ones that offer the same features. But you will also get features which will give you additional things. This includes the free fertilizer you will get if you use side discharge, saving time with bagging, saving money on leaves being raked away with mulching. Also if you take care of the machine and invest in maintenance then you will find that the machine will last for a long time.


With gas-powered mowers, there is always the risk of fuel leakages. This is something that can be potentially hazardous if not checked regularly.

There is a probability that the cord can get tangled and end up damaging the machine or injuring the driver.

Many have complained that the grass clipping collecting bag is too small.


Know that if you changed the engine-governed speed then it will simply void the warranty which is there on the engine.

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