Greenworks Pro 60V Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks tools are a very successful company that has been making environment-friendly lawnmowers and other power tools for more than a decade.

Their tools come in both cordless or corded varieties but all are electrically operated. The company makes sure that gasoline isn’t used to power any of its outdoor tools at all. As such you don’t have to worry about harmful fumes permeating around your house or polluting the environment.

They understand that getting the combination of performance and power that is equal to gasoline-powered machines has always been a concern that has prevented customers from shifting to more eco-friendly options. But Greenworks has been able to successfully achieve the same level of power and performance output and that too at a very affordable price.

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One example of this success is the Greenworks Pro 60V is a cordless lawnmower. It can self-propel itself. The model is also an electronic variant which has been designed keeping homeowners in mind. Users will get the much-needed combo of performance and power with it so that they can tackle the toughest of jobs and not feel like they are missing out by not using a gasoline-powered mower. Here is the detailed review of the Greenworks Pro 60V lawnmower so that you know what you are buying:


This battery-powered cordless lawn mower has a very solid and strong metal frame. Such a feature is unlike the other standard cordless mowers that come with only a plastic made frame. The mower, as a result, has a very rugged and solid construction to talk of. But it’s not too bulky as well. The machine has a very compact body. It weighs 60lbs which makes the job of maneuvering it very easy and convenient.

The cutting deck of the machine is 21″ and is made up of steel. This steel deck is durable and will certainly last longer than the plastic made decks. As such it will certainly be more preferable.

A great additional feature is that you will be able to adjust this machine’s deck height to seven different kinds and that too by just using one singular lever. This lever will be able to adjust up the height fully on all its four wheels. You can set the deck to the lowest height of 1.38″ or set it at the very highest to 3.75″. Of course, there are options in between as well.

The machine offers a cutting width of 21″. This is also offered by the gas-powered lawnmowers. The machine can take care of a lawn which is ½ to ¼ in size very easily. You don’t have to worry about power at all.

The motor of this electric mower is no less powerful than a gasoline-powered one. This powerful brushless high-efficiency motor can ensure that there are more torque and power than any standard lawnmower. Along with this, this eliminates unnecessary and ear-grating noises to give you a better and longer motor life. The motor also prevents the need for replacing carbon brushes and maximizes the time for which the mower can run. Essentially this motor makes the mower work longer and smoother.

The mower uses a lithium-ion 60V battery which is found in 5amp as well as in 2.0 and 2.5 as well. The one you will get in this is 4amo. But there is no need to worry. The battery will provide power which is long enough to adequately last for around an hour. As such you will get plenty of time to get your lawn mowing done. What’s better is that the battery can be removed as well when you have to charge it. After charging is done it can be easily put back in the unit. As such this will reduce the effort, space, and work needed. Otherwise, you would have to bring the full mower neat the outlet. Apart from charging, this removing facility ensures that there is no trouble when it comes to replacing the battery when the time comes.

The mower offers you three modes when it comes to managing your grass clippings. You will be able to get rid of the clippings through the rear or collect them easily in the mower’s grass catcher for disposal later on. There is also the third option of switching on the mower’s mulch plug. This will ensure that the finished grass clipping is ready to get mulched. In the mulching mode, the clippings are cut down even more so that they can get easily decomposed. With so many options you will get a lot to choices and get work done easily.

The handle of this lawnmower is ergonomically designed which ensures that there is effortless maneuvering. You will find that multiple things like the handlebar, push-button start, etc are all set up on here so that you don’t have to search around for it. It will add to the ease of use for sure.

Maintenance and comfort of use

The machine is easy to assemble. To make things easier, it comes pre-assembled already so that there are fewer problems for you. All you have to do is put up the mower’s metal arms. This task shouldn’t take up more than ten to twelve minutes at most.

When it comes to ease of use, the mower is easy to start. All you have to do is just push the self-starter button when the mower is placed where you need it to be. There is no need to pull any kind of chord or prime anything. The handlebar can then be used to guide the mower where you want it to go.

The lawnmower comes with huge rear wheels that are 10″ in size. This will additionally allow you to maneuver the machine with ease. It is these rear wheels which will ensure that you can prop up the machine vertically. The front wheels which measure 8″ are also no less useful and will help you keep the mower in control. These huge wheels also reduce friction to just the bare minimum which will make your work easier. When you will be using it, you won’t feel much weight or pressure while moving it.

A great advantage is that the lawnmower can quite easily be stored vertically. This will ensure that it takes up less space on the floor when it is compared with the most used horizontal storage mode. With this feature, you will be able to conserve 70% space.

These along with reduced friction as well as the ergonomic handle, all help in ensuring that the machine is easy to use. Of course, there is the brushless and powerful motor which ensures that the job gets done in record time.

Another thing is that charging the mower’s battery is easy as well. It comes with a removable battery and a charger that has to be fully connected up to a good electrical outlet. You can remove the battery and then put it up for charging.

The need for maintenance is less in this machine. But you should just ensure that it gets properly cleaned up every time. After all, it improves the longevity as well as the durability of the mower. Don’t let the mower stay dirty for a long time it might damage it.

Another useful feature is that you don’t have to oil the mower too much or change up the spark plugs. You also won’t have to change the air filters since this is not a gasoline-powered machine. As such this is a plus point as it will make it easy for you to work with the machine.

Performance and cutting quality

You will find that since the machine comes with a 21″ steel cutting deck along with the lithium-ion of 60V. This self propelled lawn mower will give you the ability to get high quality and fast cuts. But do keep in mind that if you are in hilly areas then this steel body will not be favourable at all as you will face trouble in maneuvering it.

The deck height is easily adjustable to seven kinds of different options also adds to the ease of use. Not to mention that there are three different kinds of modes for grass clippings disposal. You will be able to engage inside discharge, bagging, or mulching it.

The Greenworks Pro 60V lawn mower comes with SmartCut technology which adjusts the motor speed. Due to this the motor won’t be working at its full speed and will instead be slowing down when the need arises. But be rest assured that when the mower senses that it is in tough areas then it will kick up the speed so that everything is dealt with easily. What this ends up doing is that it will save you a lot of battery and improve the machine’s run time a lot.


You will be able to get a full 4-year warranty on this machine along with a two-year full warranty on this mower’s battery. Overall there are a lot of benefits to this machine with marginal downsides.

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