Echo PB250 Leaf Blower Review

Having a leaf blower is a must, especially when you have a big backyard. With the help of a powerful leaf blower, you can clean the leaves and debris easily. We all know the struggle of cleaning the backyard manually or with hands. This is why having a leaf blower is a must.

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Speaking of leaf blowers, there are different types available based on their power source. For example, you have an electric leaf blower, gas leaf blower, etc. when it comes to power and performance there is nothing that beats a gas-powered blower. In this review guide, we are going to introduce you to a powerful gas-powered blower called Echo PB250.

The Echo PB-250 is a professional grade leaf blower. It is preferred by users because of its lightweight compact design. This gas-powered leaf blower is one of the best you can find on the market right now. With the help of this low noise blower, you can keep your backyard clean at all times.

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Echo Incorporated is serving people for 40 years now. The echo started manufacturing and distributing hand-held power tools since 1979. Today, the company has grown to become one of the market leaders in the industry. The company is known for its high-quality products and the Echo PB-250 hand-held blower is no exception. If you wish to know more about the product then you should read the text below.


  • Low noise production
  • Suited for sensitive environments
  • Powerful
  • Grouped controls
  • Meant for cleaning the larger yard
  • Standard fuel tank size
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • 5 years warranty
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Difficult to start
  •  Little sluggish while warming up

Echo PB250 Leaf Blower Review

When choosing a handheld leaf blower, you must check its features. You need to know whether the machine has everything you need. With Echo PB250, you will be more than satisfied as it comes packed with features. Before you decide to get it home, you should take a look at its list of features.

  1. Engine

Starting with the engine, the machine is powered by a 25.4cc professional-grade 2 stroke engine. The engine is designed to deliver you the best performance. It can churn up to 391 cubic feet of air volume in a minute. Thanks to the powerful 2 stroke engine that makes this machine more efficient.

This compact blower is engineered to give you high performance that can be used even by professionals. This could be the perfect option to clean a large-sized yard.

  1. Design

The design of this machine is the first thing that will win you over. Despite its lightweight compact design, it can generate a huge amount of power. Well, this is what makes it special to the other models.

It weighs around 9.5lbs has a 3 position handle that allows you to carry it around easily. Unlike other leaf blowers, this is comfortable to use. Along with that it also has rotational control that allows for easy handling. Not just that but it also reduces the Gyro effect.

The blower tube is secured in the right place with a positive locking latch. The machine also has an exclusive curvature that promotes rotational control to minimize stress. With this machine, you have to put in very little effort. It is easy to manoeuvre and puts less stress on your arms and wrist.

  1. Fuel Tank

The machine comes with a see-through fuel tank with a capacity of 16.9oz. This means you can see the fuel level and refill it before it gets exhausted. This way you never have to run out of fuel in the middle of your work.

  1. Grouped controls

Another great thing about this machine is the grouped controls. It provides you easy access to the control panel which makes it easier for you to operate the machine. Even the ones who are using it for the first time will find it easy.

It includes a throttle that comes with a cruise control switch. This allows you to control the airflow through the nozzle. You can also control the speed of your project according to your needs.

  1. Less Noise

Noisy leaf blowers can be a big problem but you don’t have to worry about it when using the Echo PB250. This is a low noise blower that allows you to work peacefully without causing any disturbance to anyone.

The maximum noise it emits is 65 decibels. According to some users, they didn’t even have to use nay earplugs while using this machine. Well, that’s how quiet it is. This blower is meant for sensitive environments.

  1. Performance

When choosing a leaf blower, performance is of utmost importance. Equipped with rotational control technology, this is one of the best blowers you will find in the market.

This machine is also environment-friendly means you can use it guilt-free. Also, it is noiseless in spite of having a two-stroke engine. It can generate a huge amount of power which helps you to get your work done in less time. With the help of this machine, you cannot only move wet leaves but also debris and other stuff.

  1. Warranty

The product is backed by a 2-year commercial warranty. If that is not enough then you are also provided with a 5-year consumer warranty. This means you are getting two warranties on the same product.

Final Words

From the above discussion, we know that the Echo PB250 is one of the finest gas-powered leaf blowers you will find on the market. Equipped with the latest technologies and a powerful 2 stroke engine, it is designed to give you the best performance. The main point of attraction is the low noise production. It produces only 65 decibels which are quite low for a leaf blower. Also, it is lightweight and compact. To attract you more, the manufacturer also provides you with a 5-year warranty with the product.

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