DEWALT DWBL700 Corded Leaf Blower Review

When it comes to finding a good quality leaf blower for your backyard, you are bound to be confused with so many available options in the market. Because there are so many variants and such amazing products available, choosing one that stands out amidst them all can be a little overwhelming. The DEWALT DWBL700 is one of the best available handheld leaf blowers that you can stack on to your list of purchases.

DEWALT is a very trustworthy and good quality brand that has been consistently providing the best available products for its customers to pick from. If you want a leaf blower that stands out with 23 years of experience from the brand, we would suggest getting this one. The price point of this leaf blower is yet another factor that does make this a very favourable option.

If you do have a huge yard and need a “commercial” level tool to get your job done, this is something that you most definitely can’t pass upon. Make sure to always look through the available deals online before you end up making the final purchase.

DEWALT DWBL700: Key Specifications

  • Model no.: DWBL700
  • Motor: 12 amp
  • Airspeed: 145 mph
  • Air volume: 409 CFM
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds
  • Sound: 69 dB

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DEWALT DWBL700: Detailed Review

With the basic specifications and the important highlights cast out of the way, it is time that we do focus on providing a detailed review of the leaf blower for the audience to make an informed decision.

Build and design

The very first and the most important factor about this leaf blower that stands out is the overall design and build. It has been designed for multipurpose use. It might not be the most lightweight variant available in the market but it does get the job done more or less which is quite amazing if you come to ask us.

The DEWALT DWBL700 weighs around 9.8 pounds which is a pretty decent deal and ensures to provide with a very comfortable hold and use, mainly because of the ergonomic design that it comes with. It assures that you can use it for a longer period, without feeling the signs of fatigue stepping in.

It is also integrated with accessory nozzles that make your work a lot more streamlined and easy to get along with, which again is quite a good enough option for you to look into.


The combination of power and power delivery in the DEWALT DWBL700 is insane and quite amazing, especially because it comes with a decent motor. It is an electric blower, so you do need to plug it in with an extension cord while using it. The combination of the powerful airspeed of 210 mph along with the air velocity of 409 CFM makes this a very effective and powerful model for you to invest your money in.

The additional 12 amp engine further propels easy work and accessible use, making this a better option for you to look into. The leaf blower does require steady power, ensuring that you do need to keep it plugged in while you are using. If you have a very big yard, we would suggest that you do use an extension cord to make the process easier.

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Handling process

As we did say, this is not the most lightweight option available, which makes it a little difficult to handle, especially if you aren’t that used to using leaf blowers and such. The handheld feature of this device does make this easier for you to carry around and use, ensuring seamless portability as well.

The majority of the users have praised this bit, making it a handy option in comparison to the other available electric leaf blowers in the market. Additionally, it also doesn’t create a lot of noise, which again is a good reason why handling this is easy and doesn’t piss off the neighbours.


One of the best things about DEWALT DWBL700 is the kind of warranty it comes with. It is covered under a 3 years warranty period, making this quite an amazing option for you to look into. But, it is also true that the same is not a full coverage warranty, so you need to read through the instructions in the warranty card to ensure what kind of parts are covered under the warranty and what is not.

But, the brand does have a good and responsive customer service policy as well, further making it a good option for you to look into.

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Does it come with variable speed settings?

The most important selling point of this device is the variable speed settings which make this stand out amidst them all. It does provide better control over the work, so you don’t lose control of the machine and end up hurting yourself in the process. It also allows precise work, which again is a bonus.

Is it suitable for blowing out snow?

Given how powerful of a motor it comes with, the DEWALT DWBL700 can be used to wipe off thinner layers of snow from the car and the yard, if that is something that you want.

Where to buy?

For those who are convinced enough to buy this leaf blower after reading through this review, we would suggest that you check out the model first in the various offline stores. This will help you get a look and feel of the machine, so you know that it is the right fit for your yard. If you are satisfied with the deals at the offline stores, buy from there. If not, there are several online platforms like Amazon which sell it.

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