Can You Put a Mulching Blade on Any Mower?

If you have a big backyard, you probably already know what mulching is. It is the most inexpensive way to restore nutrients into the soil. Besides that, it has few other benefits because of which many people opt for mulching mowers.

As you already know lawn mowers are not cheap. These are expensive machines that require a solid investment. So what do you do if you already own a mower that is not suitable for mulching? In this situation, it would be best to get just a mulching blade.

Now the question is if you can put a mulching blade on any mower? Well, the answer is yes, you can!

The good thing about lawn mowers is that they can work with almost any type of mulching blade. So instead of getting a separate mulching device, you can just get the mulching blades. This is only if you already own a lawnmower.

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Putting a Mulching Blade on A Lawn mower

If you are planning to get a mulching blade for your mower make sure that it fits the mower perfectly. Some mowers have a low-powered engine or a bad deck design due to which they may not be able to perform well with a mulching blade. This is something you should keep in mind before making any decisions.

Is it possible to turn a lawn mower into a mulching mower?

One of the best things about standard lawnmowers is that they can be turned into a mulching mower. To get the best results, you must keep these things in mind:

  • At first, you need to install mulching blades that are suitable for your lawnmower.
  • The next thing you need to do is add a restriction plate.

If you can manage to block the chute, you can achieve mulching levels even without a mulching blade. However, this is only possible if you have a cover or plate to block off the chute. But there is a slight problem with this technique as it increases the chances of grass getting stuck underneath the deck. This happens because every lawnmower comes with a different deck design. Therefore, you may not be able to try this trick with every lawnmower.

A mulching blade alone cannot give you better results and hence blocking off the chute is important. Failing to do so will only result in poor mulching performance. But you can use a mulching kit to solve this problem.

Types of Mulching Blades : Different Type of Lawn Mower Blades

Before you set out to get mulching blades, you need to know the different types of mulching blades available out there. Generally, there are two types of mulching blades. This includes:

  • Gator Blades

These blades are considered 3-in-1 blades as they can be used for bagging, mulching, and side discharging. With the help of these hybrid blades, you can get effective results.

Gator blades have a unique appearance. It features raised teeth that are designed to create superior suction and air circulation while cutting the grass.

You can use these blades for finely-cut grass clippings. These blades are commonly used on mowers with multiple blades as well as zero-turn mowers.

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  • Standard Mulching Blades

Another type of mulching blade that is very common is the standard ones. These types of blades feature a very unique curved design. They create a good level of suction and can be used to cut grass into tiny pieces.

However, standard mulching blades are not good for side discharging or bagging.

How to find out which mulching blade will fit your mower? 

This is the most common question asked by users. Before you get any type of mulching blades, you need to first make sure that they are suitable for your mower. For this, you need to take certain characteristics of the blades into account.

To help you out, we have laid down a few tips that might be helpful.

  • You should measure the length of the blade diagonally from one end of the cutting edge to the other.
  • You also need to identify the type of centre hole and measure its inner diameter. Center holes come in different sizes and shapes.
  • You must measure the distance between the centers of the two side holes as well as their inner diameters.
  • Lastly, you need to measure the width and thickness of the blade at its center.

All the measurements need to be identical to the original blades of your mower. If you try to install blades with different measurements, they will simply not fit correctly.

However, if you are unsure of the measurements, you can always carry the manual guide along with the blade to a nearby Home Depot store. People working out there can help you identify the mulching blades you need.

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What is the difference between mulching mowers and standard mowers?

The standard lawnmowers are considered 2-in-1 mowers because they are suitable for side discharging and bagging. Most of the standard mowers are equipped with a standard blade, which is good for cutting short lawns.

The standard blades have mediocre suction and cutting capabilities. Also, they are not suitable for mulching.

On the other hand, mulching mowers are a bit better than standard mowers. This is because they are equipped with unique mulching blades. This mulching blade can be used to cut individual grass pieces multiple times.

This is done by creating an improved airflow that helps keep the grass clippings under the deck for longer. As a result, you can cut the grass up into smaller pieces.

A good mulching mower has a circular deck with no edges where grass can get stuck. Most of these mowers don’t have a discharge chute, and therefore mulching mowers are rarely provided with a rear bag.

Final Words

It is possible to install a mulching blade on any mower, as long as, it fits the mower perfectly. Before you get a mulching blade make sure you measure the blades of your mower. If you think it is difficult for you, then you can always take the help of professional workers at a local Home Depot store.

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