Black Decker lgc120 Tiller Review

The Blackdecker lgc120 is a cordless, battery-powered cultivator. This garden equipment makes it easier to till the land and prepare flower or garden beds. When you are looking forward to buying one of the best battery powered lawn mowers in the market, then you must be  aware of the exceptional features. There’s a lot more it offers, to know more read on:

Black Decker lgc120 Tiller Review

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This machine comes with two tines which help in breaking up the soil easily. This lets nutrients and water circulate throughout so that your plants get the necessary things to survive and thrive.

Its powerful transmission coupled with its lithium-ion 20-volt MAX battery ensures that you have a longer lifespan to complete your work on cultivating the lawn. This is because these batteries allow for better charge retention when compared to NiCad batteries.

Using this machine and its powerful battery you will be able to cultivate around 320 square feet every charge. This means that you will be able to get quite a sizeable area every time and begin your work.

To make the work easier, the tines are counter-oscillating. This feature prevents the weeds from getting tangled up with each other. So you don’t have to worry about the machine being damaged or have to stop your work and the machine frequently to untangle the weeds.

The machine is lightweight and upright as well. This reduces the strain put on your arms while you are cultivating the land. You won’t have to use both of your hands to push the machine which will make the work easier and reduce fatigue.

The handle is adjustable and you can set it to a height which you are comfortable with. This will prevent not just hand fatigue but will also lessen the strain put on your back. So there’s a lesser chance of back pains. Additionally, the telescoping tube also ensures that you get maximum comfort while adjusting the machine.

The handle of the machine also comes with soft grips so that your palms don’t get itchy, red, or fatigued after working for a long time. It will keep your hands soft and prevent it from getting stiff.

Ease of use and maintenance

To make the machine work you just have to push a button. There is no need to pull any lever of tug a string. This makes work easier.

The product comes with two tines which are counter-oscillating. This prevents weed from getting tangled up. As such this reduces the time you have to invest in switching off the machine, untangling the weeds, switching on the machine, and then resuming your work.

The tines are small as well so they won’t damage other plants which are already there or which have been planted there recently.

The Blackdecker lgc120 has a handle that comes with adjustable heights. So you can adjust it according to your height. This will ensure that you don’t get back pains from using the machine for a long time.

The machine is compact and it’s very easy to store. You don’t have to worry about it taking up a lot of space. It can be easily stored in a garden shed or garage.

The handle comes with soft grips that ensure that your palms did itch or get fatigued after holding on and working for long.

Maintenance is easy because all you need to focus on is keeping the tines in good condition and the machine clean. Make sure that after working nothing is stuck on the tines.


The Blackdecker lgc120 comes with lithium-ion 20-volt MAX battery. This gives the machine enough power to get your yard or lawn cultivated easily. It comes with LCS120 Smart Charger which helps in fast charging. These batteries also retain 5 times better charge when compared to NiCad batteries. The long lifespan of this battery will let you work with ease.

The battery is fully compatible with the whole line of Blackdecker’s MAX (20-volt) line of gardening and power tools. This means that the battery can be changed with any battery of this line. So if you have another product belonging from this line then you will be able to use its battery in this cultivator and vice-versa. This will be very useful in emergencies.

Cutting width and performance

Using this machine you will be easier to cultivate around 325 square feet with every charge. This is a good area to complete in just one charge.

Even with the battery installed, the machine weighs just 8.1 pounds. This makes the machine lightweight and easy to push.

The dual tines come with a counter-oscillating feature which ensures that you can weed the land properly. This is because the weeds won’t get tangled up in the tines. Such a feature reduces the time needed to get the work done as well as the effort.

Safety features

Since this is an electric cultivator so this garden equipment won’t release any emissions in the yard. You don’t have to worry about fumes affecting your health as well as the condition of the plants.

The machine comes with a telescoping shaft that allows you to get the ideal length. This ensures that you can operate the machine while you are standing up. Since you won’t have to bend over so you won’t have to deal with back pains and fatigue. This means that you will be able to work longer.

Since the machine is battery operated so you won’t have to worry about cords getting tangled up and getting damaged or damaging the machine.

It is lightweight and so it is easy to move around. You won’t get tired while handling it.

Other extra features

The cultivator comes with small dual tines which ensures that it gets the work done but without disturbing the other nearby planted flowers or other plants. As such even if you have to cultivate a small area between two lines of already planted flowers or flower beds then you can get indeed get the work done without disturbing anything.

The battery retains the charge for 5 times longer than NiCad batteries of 18 volts.

Since it is very lightweight and compact so it is very easy to store. You can store it in your garden shed or your garage, it won’t take up much space at all.

The counter-oscillating tines make it easy to complete weeding and that too without getting the weeds tangled up.


  • The machine comes with an adjustable handle. So you can set it to the height which you are comfortable with. This will reduce back pains.
  • The handle comes with soft grips and this ensures that you can work without your palms getting fatigued.
  • The machine is lightweight which makes it easy to push around and get the work done.
  • The telescoping shaft ensures that you get the ideal length and don’t have to worry about back pain. This will reduce strain on your joints and let your work for a longer time.
  • It comes with two tines which are small and counter-oscillating. The former feature ensures that it can work without disturbing any planted plants beside it. The latter ensures that there’s no loss of time or effort by not letting weeds get tangled up.


  • The battery takes 8 hours to charge once it is fully depleted.
  • The machine is too small and isn’t ideal for cultivating long yards and land.


The machine comes with a limited warranty of two years. This includes the charger as well as the battery.


Battery powered lawn Tiller, but it takes a lot of time to charge. It is the best suited for small lawns. When you are looking for buying lawn Tiller for small size lawn, then black decker Igc120 is the right choice.

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