Best Robotic Lawn Mower 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best robotic lawn mower 2020 : We’re well into the 21st century, and we haven’t seen any of those flying autos or robotized kitchens. Everybody continued foreseeing for “what’s to come.”

There is, in any event, one novel creation that is, at last, appeared, however; it may not be as astonishing as a flying vehicle, yet it’s conceivably progressively helpful for depleted mortgage holders following a stressful week at work: Robotic Lawn Mower

You’ve most likely observed Roombas vacuum rooms under the steady gaze of; automated lawnmowers work similarly. You put a guidewire around the lush zone you need to be cut, and with the assistance of electronic sensors and the capacity to tilt and tip varying, the robot moves in an example to guarantee the whole territory is cut.

Best robotic lawn mower Reviews 2020

#1. Robomow RS630 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower:

This product is available in the market in 2499 dollars. The users can get a totally new experience in mowing works with this exclusive machine. Compared to other products this is the simplest, user-friendly and less time-consuming mower. This best robotic lawn mower can mow ¾ acre of land at a time. The users can modify the traveling capability of this machine according to their requirements. The 26v lithium battery is needed to run this product. It is the most technically rich lawn mowing machine ever.

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  • This product is made of double blades with 22 inches thickness that confirms ¾ acre of scything capability at a time.
  • This machine can travel automatically to the different areas of the lawns and gardens and it is able to come back to the base built up by its user after completing the works.
  • Just 90 to 110 minutes charging is enough for this machine.
  • This product contains Bluetooth connectivity with the app My Robomow that permits the users to control this machine from everywhere.
  • This machine can mow 80 to 100 min at a time.
  • This machine can cut the grass of the yards or lawns on the verbal instructions of the users.
  • This product permits the users to fix their mowing schedule once in a week and the machine automatically would work according to the fixed schedule throughout the week.
  • The process of installations is easy for users.
  • The products have the capability to come back to its base station if rain starts in the middle of mowing and can start work on its own when the rain is stopped.
  • The level of noise it produces is very minimal.
  • The users need to put a code in the machine so that they can get alarmed if anybody picks it up.


  • The product is a bit costly in the market.
  • Not capable to travel beyond the 20 degrees.
  • This machine is not capable of working even in the rain.
  • The energy consumption of this product is a little high compared to the others.
  • The sensor to identify probable collision is not installed there in the machine.
  • This machine is unable to work in harsh weather conditions.

#2. SEA MAGIC Grasshopper Robotic Lawnmower:

It is a totally pre-programmed mowing tool with Li-on battery and auto recharging capability and rain sensor facility. The weight of this product is 48 pounds. This is prepared with nine pieces of blades in together. This product can travel up to 28 degrees of elevation. The anti-theft alarm is an important part of this product. This best robotic lawn mowing machine can scatter a powder that increases the fertilization of the lawns or gardens. The four wheels of this have enabled it to travel to difficult kinds of lands also. This machine contains a shelter on it that helps to protect itself from the hand of raining. The specialty of this product is that it is offering advanced services at a very pocket-friendly rate.

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  • Having a rain sensor facility. It goes back automatically to the charging station during the rain and resumes its functions when the rain is stopped.
  • This product contains a collision sensor that helps it to perceive and escape any kind of collision while mowing.
  • This lawnmower can recharge itself when its battery is low.
  • This product contains an anti-theft alarm that alerts the users in the case of stealing. The users need to just set up a PIN code for this facility.
  • Containing a rain shelter that protects the product from raining.


  • Lacking the fertilizing facility.
  • The installation procedure is a bit complex compared to others.
  • Not manageable by mobile app.
  • Unable to work when it is raining.

#3. Husqvarna automower 315X Robotic Lawn Mower:

This is a totally automated grass mower. This mowing machine can function according to the verbal commands of the users. The weight of this product is 20.9 pounds. GPS is installed on this machine with which the users can track its exact situation in the lawns. The users connect the GPS with the Automower app. This machine can work in all kinds of weather conditions. The power of the battery is 315X that has made this machine suitable for working in the night also. This product first installed the verbal command system in the mowing machines.

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  • Users can operate this product with their verbal instructions.
  • Hidden boundary wires are installed in this which helps this machine to sense the borderlines of its user’s lawns and gardens.
  • This product leaves very low sound, just 60 decibels.
  • The power of the battery is 315x that enables the machine to work at night also even in the rain.
  • This machine has the capability to fertilize the lawn or gardens it works on.
  • It can act as per the users’ verbal instructions.
  • Able to scythe even the tall grass up to 2.4 inches and can slope up to 22 degrees.
  • GPS is installed in it so that the users can track their proper situations in the gardens.
  • The capability of scything in all times and in all weather conditions helps the gardens and lawns to be in good and proper shape.


  • This machine is costly compared to the other mowing machines in market.
  • Its energy consumption level is quiet more than the other machines.
  • The price of this product little high in the market.

#4. Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawn Mower:

A single lithium battery is required The users need to fix the schedule the working programs of it. This machine can be controlled by the users with an app like the Home app. The Bluetooth connectivity can work up to the elevation of 100 ft. This Husqvarna 115h has been made after twenty years of research and has been made in a very inventive way. This best robotic lawn mowing machine can mow all the times of the day and even during the rain. The maximum cutting capacity of this product is 2/5 acres of land at a time. The anti stealing alarm and a collision avoiding sensors are installed in this product. The collision sensor is useful for keeping the children and pets safe from the sharp blades of the mowing machines.The specialty of this product is a hidden wire that enables it working only within its users’ lawns or gardens.

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  • This machine allows the users to control it with a mobile app or pressing just a button. The users need to adjust the required area they want to be scythed. The machine would work according to the set schedule by the users on its own.
  • This product is able to work up to the elevation of a hundred feet and the Bluetooth installed in it also can work up to a hundred feet.
  • A kind of hidden wire is installed in this product, which enables the machine to scythe only within the lawns and gardens of its users, not beyond the user’s boundary.
  • This product has the ability to realize the condition of its battery. When it feels that its battery needs to be charged up then it automatically comes back to its charging station set by the users.
  • This mowing machine is able to work at night also. The users can go to sleep after setting it for working and it would complete its work automatically.
  • The noise-producing level of this product is very low. It does not cause too much sound that can be annoying for the others. Since this machine causes a very low sound, the users can easily run it at night.
  • This product is able to work in all weather conditions. Rainy or shiny, the mechanisms of this machine are suitable for everything.
  • This machine has the ability to act as a natural fertilizer.
  • This machine is able to cut a maximum of 3.6 inches tall grass.


  • This product is a little costly in the market.
  • This machine is not able to work beyond the 17 degrees elevation.
  • Not able to cut the grass of half-acre at a time.
  • The energy consumption of this product is not so low.
  • Comparing to the other products, the weight of this mowing machine is very light.

#5. WORX WR150 Landroid L 20V Robotic Lawn Mower, Orange:

This product is a totally automatic and inventive robotic lawnmower. It can scythe the grass of up to half-acre of land at a time. During the scything, this machine cuts little grass at a time that increases the fertility of the gardens and lawns. The users need to just set up a base for its charging purpose and a boundary wire should be laid down by its users to make it ready for work. The quality of the blades of this machine helps it to mow even the grass located close to the borderlines of the boundary of the users’ lawn and gardens. This Best robotic lawn mower can be placed among the top list for its capability of mowing half an acre of land at a time.

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  • Able to provide a schedule of the work as per the size of the lawns or gardens.
  • The process of installations is very simple.
  • Able to be controlled by appropriate mobile app.
  • Able to scythe the grass close to the borderline of the lawns and gardens.
  • Able to work anytime in a day.
  • Containing an anti stealing sensor that alerts the users in the case of stealing.
  • Able to return automatically to the charging station while raining and start working also when the rain is stopped.
  • This machine is able to recharge itself when the battery is low.
  • If the machine is handpicked by anyone other than its user, it stops working just right then.


  • Not capable of working during the rain and tough weather.
  • Not able to function according to the verbal commands of the users.
  • The price of this product is a little costly.

#6. WORX WR140 Landroid M 20V Robotic Lawn Mower:

This best Robotic lawn mower is available at many online store like Amazon. It is most the advanced and innovative mowing tool that can be controlled with a mobile app. Just a  single lithium battery is needed to run this machine. This product does scythe a little grass at a time that fertilizes the lawns.A few simple steps are needed to install this machine properly.This mowing machine has the capability of doing its work properly when the users set the schedule in it as per their requirements.The blades of this machine are very useful for mowing the grass located close to the borders of the lawns and gardens.The quality of working of this machine keeps the users’ lawns in good shape. This product is also technically rich but its cost is a little high.This products is not able to mow half-acre at a time but can do ¼ acre at the same time which is not so bad.

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  • Advanced totally automatic robotic lawnmower.
  • User-friendly installation process.
  • Remotely controlled by appropriate mobile applications.
  • ¼ acre mowing capacity.
  • Capable of fertilizing the lawns or yards.
  • Having the facility of giving notifications in case of mugging by the Find my android module.
  • Capable of working every time in a day.


  • Bit costly compared to others.
  • Lacking the rear catching and insulating capability.
  • The height adjustments need to be improved.

#7. Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower:

This best robotic lawn mower is available in the online market. The Li-on type battery suits for this product. The weight of this product is 16.5 pounds. It produces just 60db sound during the functioning and consumes very low energy for maximum usages. The most important part of this product is, it can work in all types of yards and all times in a day even during the rain. The installation process of this product is very user-friendly. The users can set different schedules for different days at the same time in this product. This machine is suitable to mow for all types of gardens or lawns and can cut the grass of 2 to 5 cm tall grasses. This product is also useful but compared to others not so technically rich.

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  • Produces little sounds of just 60 decibels.
  • The capacity of mowing 800 square meter area at a time.
  • Energy consumption is very low, just 6 kWh.
  • The installation process is user-friendly.
  • Suitable for all kinds of lawns and gardens.
  • The ability to workduring the rain.
  • Able to work all times a day.


  • Lacking the auto rechargeable facility.
  • This good is not operatable by mobile apps.
  • The sensor for avoiding collisions in the yards is not present in this.
  • Not so capable of cutting the grass taller than 5 cm.

Guide to buy a Best robotic lawn mower in 2020

In our evaluation, we have concentrated on the accompanying attributes:

Execution: How large a zone of grass can the automated garden cutter adapt to? How great are the stopping results over the and long haul? How well does it cut long, coarse and wet grass? Shouldn’t something be said about edge cutting?

Adequacy: How viably does it work regarding time and cutting outcomes? To what extent do you have to spend on the garden? How regularly does it need to go out and cut? Will it truly adapt to the suggested cutting territory?

Dependability: How wise right? How dependable right? How frequently does it stop and report a mistake message, and in what circumstances?

How great are the automated grass trimmer’s unpleasant territory taking care of capacities?

How adaptable can the link laying be for it still to adapt? How does the automated grass trimmer maintain a strategic distance from wheel tracks along the edge wire? How can it adapt to limit sections, sharp corners, zones loaded with obstructions or optional zones?

Convenience: Is the establishment fast and clear or slow and fiddly? Are there clear directions, for example, point by point representations or YouTube recordings? How simple is the robotic garden cutter to the program? Is the menu framework simple to explore? How does the robotic grass trimmer speak with its proprietor? What sort of data does it give? Would it be able to work without upsetting the neighbors?

Plan and construct quality: How very much planned is the automated grass cutter? Do the wheels give a decent grasp while all the while being benevolent to the garden? What amount of pressure and wear does the development endure? How intense are the sharp edges? Do the cutting edges give a flawless cut or do they tear the grass? What assurance does it have? Are there safe parts? Can the robot grass cutter be utilized without a guide wire?

Usefulness: What settings are accessible? What amount of control does the client have of the cutting timetable? Does the automated grass cutter have an application? Can the item be considered as a programmed yard cutter?

Security: Does the automated grass trimmer use turn cutting edges or fixed sharp edges? Does the sign from the limit wire meddle with other robotic lawnmowers? Could youngsters or pets get at the edges? What amount of harm do the sharp edges do, for instance to overlooked toys? How compelling is the robbery security? What occurs on the off chance that you overlook the PIN code, or someone enters an inappropriate PIN code?

We have pushed each automated grass cutter to the furthest reaches of what it can adapt to perceive what kinds of circumstances and conditions it can deal with. Each robotic yard cutter has been given a score as per its incentive for cash; as it were how great it is in every region compared to its sticker price. A costly model subsequently has better standards than a less expensive one and the other way around. We noticed how regularly, where and why each automated garden cutter halted, and what outcomes that had on the cutting outcome.


Robotic lawn mowers are not proposed or intended to adapt to long, coarse or wet grass. A congested grass may hence be cut with an ordinary garden cutter before it gets reasonable for Robotic lawnmowers. This applies especially to little grass trimmers. Regardless of whether the lawnmowers figures out how to constrain its way through the long grass, it frequently needs to roll over the zone a few times so as to bit by bit cut the grass off. The lawnmowers’ wheels press the grass down each time it passes, which regularly brings about the long grass bit by bit resting as opposed to being cut. This especially applies to robotic lawnmowers with turning sharp edges, which are intended to give on the off chance that they experience an excess of obstruction. Long and coarse grass is along these lines one of only a handful not many regions where fixed sharp edges are desirable overturning cutting edges.

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