Best Post Hole Diggers 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Scooping soil or earth is a muddled activity and can be very horrifying. In any case, the untidy occupation is once in a while unavoidable in the event that you want to get a few gaps burrowed for either a letter drop, a fence, or planting a few trees. Be that as it may, Best Post Hole Diggers are intended to facilitate the issues of burrowing openings.

Regardless of whether you are doing tasks around the house on an end of the week and you choose to construct a fence yourself or on the off chance that you are an expert in the field, having a post-opening digger is a need to make your activity simple and less tedious.

You can choose to go with a straightforward manual model or a controlled one, our top rundown will give you the alternatives to browse to give you that simplicity and comfort.

We have inspected a considerable amount of earth wood screws, and have thought of a rundown of top 10 post-opening diggers that are both solid and proficient. In no specific request, here is a rundown of our best 10 picks of post-gap diggers prescribed for you.Shoveling soil or earth is a muddled activity and can be very agonizing. Be that as it may, the chaotic activity is some of the time unavoidable in the event that you want to get a few gaps burrowed for either a post box, a fence, or planting a few trees. Be that as it may, Best Post Hole Diggers are intended to facilitate the issues of burrowing gaps.

Regardless of whether you are doing errands around the house on an end of the week and you choose to assemble a fence yourself or on the off chance that you are an expert in the field, having a post-gap digger is a need to make your activity dull and less tedious.

You can choose to go with a basic manual model or a fueled one; our top rundown will give you the choices to look over to provide you with that simplicity and comfort.

We have analyzed a considerable amount of earth twist drills, and have concocted a rundown of top 10 post-opening diggers that are both solid and proficient.

So we have assembled the top 5 Best Post Hole Diggers we think are the best for you.

#1. XtremepowerUS 1200W 1.6HP Electric Post Hole Digger Fence Plant Soil Dig Powerhead with 4″ Auger Bits Set

Amazing, sturdy and agreeable, the XtremepowerUS Electric Post Hole Digger will assist you with digging different openings in testing soil conditions.

The 4 x 31.5-inch wood screw boring tool is made of high quality sparkly dark manganese steel which can withstand effect, expulsion, and mileage. Splashed with dark paint, the twist drill opposes rust and erosion to guarantee solid, enduring execution.

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Outfitted with a 1200-watts/10 amp, 1.6HP elite engine, the opening digger conveys 90 feet for each pound torque at 200 RPM. Regardless of whether you have to introduce fence posts, plant trees, fix a grass or make an opening in the ice for angling, this dynamo is productive at burrowing gaps between 2 to 3 feet deep relying upon the dirt conditions.

Boring through the dirt can be tedious and negatively affect your hands. However, not when you utilize the XtremepowerUS. Highlighting an ergonomic structure, the one-man post digger highlights two enemies of slip, vibration-confirmation handle grasps for much-required solace, most extreme influence and strength while you work. The digger is very lightweight and simple to begin which additionally saves money on back strain.

To protect you, the powerhead is furnished with a wellbeing lock work that forestalls any inadvertent activating for included security.

For simple boring apparatus changes, the best post-hole digger accompanies a hex spanner.


  • High-caliber
  • The extraordinary incentive for cash
  • Awesome cost
  • Perfect for introducing wall post, deck, planting trees and numerous other yard applications
  • Can be utilized for ice angling


  • Wobbles at high speeds
  • Can stall out in the rough ground

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#2. Hiltex 10525 Electric Earth Auger with 4″ Bit 1, 200W and 1.6 hp Powerhead

Conveying most extreme force, the Hiltex 10525 Electric Post Hole Digger is perfect for a wide range of open-air boring applications.

With stacks of penetrating force available to you, the adaptable Hiltex post digger is ideal for introducing wall posts, decking posts, planting trees and grass upkeep. This best electric-controlled digger is perfect for the middle of the road and propelled clients, however, it might be a piece unreasonably incredible for amateur post-gap diggers.

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The hardcore digger has a rapid 1200 watt/11 amps and 1.6 HP engine that produces 90ft-lb of torque with 200 RPM. The solid and strong 4 x 30-inch steel twist drill bit can burrow down to 27-30-crawls in thick soil, rock or earth.

Intended for simple one-individual activity, the uniquely planned rubber treated enemy of vibration hold handle gives the most extreme influence, strength, and decreases hand weakness.

For your wellbeing, the powerhead is furnished with a brilliant red security lock work that forestalls any unplanned activating for included security.

Hiltex offers a two-year restricted guarantee on the post-gap digger.


  • High-caliber
  • The incredible incentive for cash
  • Generally excellent cost
  • Perfect for all open-air tedious applications
  • Ideal for introducing wall posts, decks, planting trees, and numerous other garden applications
  • Elite electric engine


  • High force utilization
  • The boring apparatus isn’t reversible
  • Can be difficult to hold set up when boring into harder earth

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#3. Landworks Heavy Duty Eco-Friendly Electric Cordless Auger Power Head, w/Steel 6″x30″ Earth Auger Lithium-Ion Battery & Charger for Earth Burrowing/Drilling & Post Hole Digging (Earth Auger 6″ Set)

The Landworks Heavy-Duty Eco-Friendly Electric Cordless Earth Auger accompanies handles that are ergonomically molded to keep your equalization during activity. Both the force trigger and wellbeing button discharge are effectively come to from the handles for usability.

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The wood screw is 30 inches in length and made of carbon covered steel for the most ideal toughness. It likewise accompanies a lithium-particle battery and charger, so there’s no compelling reason to make extra buys to begin with this apparatus.


  • Accompanies lithium-particle battery and charger for additional worth
  • Eco-accommodating and offers a few wellbeing highlights
  • Effective and lightweight engine for simple use


  • Not helpful in zones with heaps of rocks or roots

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#4. The Ames Companies, Inc 2701600 Post Hole Digger/Ruler

The 2701600 post-gap digger by the Ames Companies, Inc is a manual gadget that accompanies a decision of two distinct handles, either hardwood or fiberglass. This is one of the most affordable alternatives available, paying little heed to the handle you like. In any case, on the off chance that you need something more solid, we suggest binge spending on the fiberglass handle that may last more.

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One of the most intriguing highlights of this best post hole digger is that the handle has a gauge that lets you get an increasingly exact opening profundity. It likewise has handles that offer a pad hold for less weariness while doing a lot of burrowing. It can without much of a stretch be utilized to make ground support for letter drops and decks or to burrow post-gaps for a fence fix. It additionally weighs under 10 pounds which implies nearly anybody can utilize it without inconvenience.


  • Straightforward one individual activity
  • Comes at a reasonable cost
  • Highlights an implicit ruler for accommodation
  • Selection of handles for flexibility


  • Work concentrated post-gap burrowing
  • Wooden handle may break too effectively

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#6. Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Manual Posthole Digger

Here we have the Fiskars 60 inch steel post hole digger. There’s a ton to like here. For a certain something, the development is lightweight tempered steel that has been streamlined both for mobility and toughness.

While the customary wood post hole digger is liable to spoil and ordinary mileage, that won’t be quite a bit of an issue here.

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The plan is additionally cunning. The handles are balanced to convey 12 additional creeps of profundity as you burrow your post holes.

The expanded profundity implies that you will have the option to utilize this apparatus for a more extensive scope of errands.

At last, it’s additionally lightweight which implies that you won’t feel so exhausted as you work.

Obviously, we aren’t attempting to state that this unit is great. We noticed that it isn’t actually ideal for consistent thorough use.

While the plan of the apparatus is durable, we’ve had clients report that it broke inside a time of extreme action.

Beside this issue, it’s an incredible alternative for the regular purchaser.


  • Steel Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Profound Holes
  • Balance Handles


  • Not for consistent energetic use

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How to choose the Best Manual, Electric, or Gas Powered Post Hole Digger

On the off chance that you are in the market for a post-gap digger, otherwise called a twist drill, you may realize that it is the best instrument for small earthmoving undertakings and a significant device for any nursery workers or DIY support fan. These diggers, which can be manual or programmed, accompanies a metal warmth that incorporates a boring piece or sharp edges that go into the earth and separate the dirt so you can move it. This leaves you with a gap that is ideal for planting a tree or setting up fence posts.

The best thing about post-gap diggers is that they are both exact and amazing, which implies they can make simple work of a vocation that may be very tedious and tiring if you somehow happened to do it without a device. You can without much of a stretch, complete all your burrowing so you can proceed onward to complete your undertakings.

While picking the ideal small-time twist drill for your tasks, you are going to need to thoroughly consider what kind of burrowing ventures you should be done just as what type of soil you intend to dive into.

The primary inquiry to pose to yourself is whether you have light, substantial, or medium obligation burrowing assignments hanging tight for you. A light or medium job may incorporate once in a while burrowing an opening for a letter drop, doing a fix to a little fence, or planting new growth. Huge tasks may include things like structure another deck, introducing a wall around your property, or planting numerous trees.

The subsequent inquiry to pose to yourself is the thing that the dirt resembles where you will be working. Loamy, delicate soil that self-destructs effectively is one sort, rough or earth soil is another, while soil with bunches of tree roots underneath the surface is one more probability. You have to recognize what you are going after before purchasing your new apparatus.

Manual Post Hole Diggers

On the off chance that you have just light to medium obligation errands, a physically worked post-opening digger can be a decent decision for you. Some manual diggers are additionally fit for dealing with extreme soil. Most manual diggers can delve four feet somewhere down in free and delicate soil. This digger type requires no power or gas to capacity, and it won’t make boisterous clamors.

This kind of post-opening digger regularly has two handles which are utilized to dive into the ground, while pulling the handles separated separates the dirt and shutting the handles considers the assortment of soil. After you release up the dirt and expel the soil, you can put your tree or fence post into the gap.

Ergonomically Designed Handles

Probably the best element you can discover on a manual post-opening digger is a fiberglass triple divider development, which shows that the handles are agreeable to hold while being worked to last. On the off chance that you will be doing a ton of burrowing, it merits looking for this component. Some post-gap diggers offer an exceptional handle configuration to ensure your knuckles while you do all your burrowing.

You additionally need to think about how enormous the handle is since that decides how effectively you can use the digger and move it while in the soil. Numerous diggers that are worked physically offer a handle extending from 47 to 60 inches in length. In the event that you are a taller individual, the 60-inch handle will be the least demanding to utilize.

Ice Fishing Auger

You likewise need to consider a couple of different things while going with a manual post-opening digger. In all actuality, they do require a portion of physical exertion and muscle, particularly on the off chance that you are utilizing the digger in a dirt based soil. In the event that you experience arm, back, or shoulder issues, you might need to consider a programmed post digger.

Automatic Post Hole Diggers

Automatic post-opening diggers were made to offer a response to hardcore burrowing, particularly in territories with troublesome soil or testing territory conditions like soil with tree roots or soil with heaps of rocks. It’s made to help you with dealing with the entirety of your burrowing tasks effectively and rapidly. In the event that you will be doing many burrowing ventures, particularly if the gaps should be bigger in width or more profound, an automatic post-gap digger would be the ideal answer.

Automatic diggers are regularly called twist drills, in view of the uncommon piece or sharp edges uses to cut around a focal shaft and pivot as it moves into the ground. Two sorts of programmed wood screws are accessible available: electric or gas-fueled.

Gas-Powered Post Hole Diggers

The gas-fueled post-gap digger or twist drill may likewise be known as an exclusive twist drill since it is made for one individual to work without anyone else. These machines are ground-breaking and made of high-grade steel to be without rust and incredibly strong. This is the post-opening digger of decision when doing work in testing outside conditions.

Electric Post Hole Diggers

Then again, an electric post-gap digger maintains a strategic distance from the exhaust and chaos of opening burrowing with a gas-controlled gadget, yet at the same time gives the elevated level of intensity you need. While you should stay almost a force source or utilize a hardcore electrical rope, these machines have a boundless force which is perfect for diving into ice or rough soil.

Motor Considerations

At the point when you are thinking about a programmed opening digger, you will see that a large number of them have a 2 or 2.5 pull motor or a 1200W/120V engine with electric models. This is equipped for offering 250 RPM and a lot of torque while pivoting. Because of this force and radiating power, the post-gap digger can move a lot of earth rapidly and make numerous gaps in a brief timeframe.

About Drill Bits

Any manual or programmed post-gap driller of decent quality will have a piece or edges crated from high-grade carbon steel, which is solid and sufficiently able to delve into hard ground to make the openings your undertaking requires. In contrast to a manual digger, programmed diggers frequently accompany compatible 4, 6, 8, or 12-inch sharp edges, which gives an elevated level of adaptability when burrowing.

Drill tool Diameter

In the event that you are considering a twist drill that is controlled by fuel, the distance across of the boring tool is likewise critical to know about as it largely affects the size of your last opening. Boring tools can have widths that range from two to 10 inches. However, the correct one for you will be founded on how enormous the last opening measurement you need depends on the size of the posts or shafts you need to bring into the ground.

Profundity Capacity Importance

Huge numbers of the post-opening diggers or wood screws that you see available will have a most extreme profundity of somewhere close to four and five feet. Going towards the more profound finish of the scale is prescribed if you will be introducing huge posts for walls or different purposes.

Decision of Weight

Programmed post-opening diggers are intended to deal with difficult work, however, present-day forms additionally will, in general, be genuinely lightweight. This implies they will be anything but difficult to move just as transport around your nursery or property. In any case, it’s constantly worth taking a gander at the heaviness of a post-opening digger and picking one that will be basic for you to work.

A programmed post-gap digger is made to be utilized by a solitary individual, yet now and again an additional individual can be useful when attempting to control a machine in the problematic territory. Gas-controlled post-gap diggers will likewise emanate exhaust and might be loud so face and ear insurance is something worth being thankful for to have available.

Digger Handles

Since a programmed post-opening digger causes vibrations because of the exceptional force, you need to be certain the one you pick has tough and solid handles that enable you to have a firm hold. The individuals who will utilize the machine for extensive stretches of time ought to consider an alternative with an enemy of vibration grasp that decreases any exhaustion while working.

Assembling it

Since you get an opportunity to take a gander at the 10 best post opening diggers accessible and investigated our purchaser’s guide, all you have left to do is to settle on a choice on which is perfect for you. In all actuality everybody is extraordinary, so the post-opening digger that addresses your issues may not be a similar each other individual ought to pick.

In any case, all the best post hold diggers on this rundown are top notch choices that can deal with the activity. Think about your needs, the most significant highlights for you, and set up those things together to pick the correct post-opening digger for your home or nursery. Before long you will have the option to dive into the earth and set up another fence effortlessly.

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