Best Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Trimming hedge and trees can be tiresome, especially if you are using shears and you also spend a lot of time working on your lawn. A simple, innovative approach in the form of a gas-powered hedge trimmer can change all this since it takes less time and you also do not wear yourself out needlessly. Hedge trimmers allow you to get the work done effortlessly and they are also safe, efficient and ecofriendly.

Cordless trimmers have been here with us and although they are cheaply priced and readily available, getting a gas-powered hedge trimmer is a step forward. This is because gas-powered hedge trimmers are not only efficient and affordable, but they also make for an exciting experience when you are manicuring your lawn. They can cut all the shrubs and long branches that make your lawn have an ugly look.

Best gas powered Hedge Trimmer Reviews 2020

Moreover, if you have large hedging to maintain, gas-powered hedge trimmers are the best choice. They have absolute power and can work for a full day uninterrupted. You also do not have to drag a cord with you as you work as opposed to other trimmers that have large cords hundreds of feet long.

For homeowners who have massive gardens or for professionals whose work is to trim lawns, a gas-powered trimmer is your best choice. The question is which gas-powered hedge trimmer to get because there are numerous models available for you to choose from, and there are several factors to consider before you decide to go out and buy one.

There are numerous models of gas-powered hedge trimmers available in the market. Here, you will learn about the best five model available so that you can make the right choice when you go out to but one.

#1. Echo HC-152 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

This best gas-powered hedge trimmer comes with a 21.1 cc dual stroke engine that is professionally made so that it can give you maximum performance. It is also equipped with a commercial duty air filtration systems that help the engine last longer. The large rear handles that are adjustable ensure that you are comfortable when working on your lawn while also enhancing your control of the machine. The air filters are easy to reach if you would like to access them.

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The blades are, however, the most innovative features. They are 20 inches long and are double-sided so that they can give you precision when trimming. The razor edge blades are incredibly sharp and can stay this way for a very long time. You will also find that the ergonomic front handle comes in handy since it has a safeguard for comfort and enhancing control. This, coupled with the rigid support bar, makes the trimming much straighter so that you will have clean and precise cuts.

This gas-powered hedge trimmer has an ergonomic front handles that restore your comfort so that you can have a stress free experience when trimming your yard. The support bar makes for precise cutting and the blades ensure that you make laser cuts which enhances the overall performance of this gas-powered hedge trimmer. This device has an intelligent filtration system that makes the engine generate more power by easing pressure in the engine.


  • It has a 21.2 cc engine generates high power which enhances the overall performance
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a large fuel capacity
  • It has a double-reciprocating blade for precision trimming
  • Has an ergonomic front-rear handle that offers extra support.


  • It is quite expensive
  • It works a bit slow when working on large branches

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#2. Poulan Pro PR2322 22-Inch 23cc 2 Cycle Gas Powered

This best gas-powered hedge trimmer comes with a powerful 23cc dual cycle engine that is made for full crank so that it can maximize your cutting performance. It also has a durable double-action set of stainless steel blades that are twenty-two inches in length and one inch in diameter. The rotating adjustable handle also makes for a comfortable grip while the anti-vibration features secure the grip so that you do not stress your arms and hands when cutting your lawn. Another good thing with this gas-powered hedge trimmer is that is has a lightweight design so that you can trim even the topmost branches of your yard.

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The rotating rear handle helps you shave your lawn from all angles so that you can clear any side of the bush from one angle. It is also easy to start and has an enduring performance. The dual-action blades give a clean and precise cut, while the anti-vibration technology ensures that you will work on your lawn using less time and energy. It makes it less noisy so that you can work in peace. This gas-powered hedge trimmer also comes with a two-year warranty, so if it becomes necessary to make repairs, you will not have to get your tools and start repairing parts you are not conversant with. Proper instructions are also attached on how to use this gas-powered hedge trimmer so that you can have no problem with cutting down your lawn.


  • It improves your cutting performance due to its incredible features
  • It is safe and easy to use.
  • Has a powerful engine
  • Has adjustable rear handles


  • It is quite expensive
  • In case it breaks down, it takes time to repair.

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#3. Husqvarna 122HD60 21.7cc Gas 23.7-in Dual Action Hedge Trimmer 9665324-02 

This best gas-powered hedge trimmer has a smart engine start so that after you twist and pull the handle, the effort starts quickly without you using so much energy.

Additionally, there is a carburettor air purge system that works by removing excess air from the carburettor so that the full system can start-up smoothly. It is also smartly designed such that when you turn the hedge trimmer off, the stop switch returns to its original start position automatically so that if you need to start it again, it will be easy. The rear handle can also be adjusted so that you can reach the cutting sides located at the top of the hedge. Another great feature found in this gas-powered hedge trimmer is the anti-vibration dampener which acts by absorbing the vibration produced by the cutting blades so that there is less stress on your arms and hands.

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This gas-powered hedge trimmer has an adjustable rear handle that gives you flexibility when working so that you can trim your lawn easily and effortlessly on either side. It also comes with ridged blades that are easy and safe to use. These blades can be used to cut large bushes, rose shrubs and other tough plants. It also has a great power saver feature that helps the machine perform efficiently and in a very safe manner. The quick start process is also made of intelligent sensor technology so that you do not have a problem starting the engine.


  • It is perfect for simple domestic works
  • It has an anti-vibration dampener that ensures that it creates low noise pollution
  • It is affordable
  • It has exceptional performance


  • It is susceptible to functional and technical glitches
  • Some customers claim that it has quite advanced functioning properties

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#4. Tanaka TCH22EBP2 21cc 2-Cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer

This gas-powered hedge trimmer comes with a dual cycle engine which makes it more reliable and durable. It also has a five-position rear handle which offers the operator more effort while also making it easy to manoeuvre. Another great feature with this gas-powered hedge trimmer is the exhaust that faces forward to prevent the common phenomenon known as burnt hedges.

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The machine also has a set of 24-inches reciprocating blades while the fuel tank capacity is 0.3 litres. This ensures that you can work on your lawn for a long time without having to stop and refuel every once in a while. However, the best feature is the purge bulb coupled with the S-start technology that is not found in most gas-powered hedge trimmers. These two features allow to pull-start effortless when you want to power up the device.

This gas-powered hedge trimmer also has a powerful triggered advanced dual-level stroke which is very useful in minimizing the decompression in the exhaust pipe. This ensures that fuel emissions are greatly reduced and that you will also have space for a larger water tank facility.

The S stroke technology helps in ensuring that you have a powerful engine that helps enhance efficiency when working. The quick twist handles which make it comfortable when starting the machine.


  • It has a very powerful dual cycle engine
  • It has a set of reciprocating blades which have a dual function action so that they are more convenient
  • It is lighter in weight as compared to other gas-powered hedge trimmers
  • Has a low vibration so that you do not make a lot of noise when trimming your lawn.


  • Has a small fuel capacity at only 0.3 liters
  • They are a bit expensive

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#5. Husqvarna 966532302 122HD45 Gas Hedge Trimmer

This gas-powered hedge trimmer has razor edge reciprocation blades attached to a twenty-four-inch large blade. It comes with a professional, high-powered engine which eggs out 21.7cc of power. It does not have an adjustable angle, and the handles are made such that it is easy to rotate for maximum comfort when trimming. It is heavier as compared to other gas-powered hedge trimmers and has a weigh of eleven pounds. This factor is, however, outweighed by the fact that it comes with a two-year warranty.

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The double-sided cutters ensure that you reach even the topmost branches while the handles also offer you flexibility. You can also adjust the angle of the blade, and the rear handle can also be switched on three positions so that you can change the edge quickly. For safety purposes, this gas-powered hedge trimmer also has an in-built safety bar that offers protection to your legs. So if you are looking for a gas-powered hedge trimmer that can reach tall and thick hedges, this is the tool to get.


  • It can reach the topmost hedges
  • Has reciprocation razor edge for a precise and clean cut
  • It is affordable.
  • Has incredible performance


  • It has a small fuel tank
  • It is susceptible to technical glitches.

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Factors to consider when buying a best gas-powered hedge trimmer.

Once you have seen that your lawn is overgrowing and decide to go and buy a best gas-powered hedge trimmer, there are certain aspects of the trimmer you should consider. In this section, we will learn about the essential things you should look at when going to buy a gas-powered hedge trimmer.


Although all gas-powered hedge trimmers are powerful tools, some generate more energy as compared to others. The main thing you need to look at is the source of energy. Although gas-powered hedge trimmers create more power while trimming as compared to electric models, you will need to look at the type of engine and the cc level of the engine. Engine power ranges between twenty and twenty-five cc and depending on the size of your lawn; you should buy one that can meet all of your power needs. However, you should consider the amount of power you are comfortable to wield, and you should not at any cost buy a gas-powered hedge trimmer that you are not comfortable handling.


The one mistake that people make is going for a premium gas-powered hedge trimmer thinking that they will generate more power and are convenient. You should look at the features of the gas-powered hedge trimmer and compare this to the price on offer. Some hedge trimmers do not have impressive features and are highly-priced, and you should not buy a machine that does not give you value for your money. Devices with a longer blade, an adjustable rear handle, high engine power and other safety features can cost upward of three hundred dollars, but this is economical.


No matter what machine you want to buy you should first check whether it is easy to maintain or has a warranty. Gas-powered hedge trimmers often require continuous maintenance, and they can be hard to control if they are not properly maintained. You should make a point of reading and following the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use and also so that the machine can last for a long time. Being aware of how your gas-powered hedge trimmer is performing is also crucial. For instance, you will need to ensure that you are always aware of how much the tank has and whether there is also a balance between the mix of oil and gas. You will also be required to regularly replace the spark plug and clean the intake vent, For those with a filtration system, you will need to check whether it has any blockage every once in a while. The blades also have to be kept sharp, and so you should consider the type of blade a gas-powered hedge trimmer has before going out to buy it. Old blades also have to be replaced which can incur extra costs.


Gas-powered hedge trimmers come with sharp blades, and this is something that you should not take lightly. They also have high powered engines that spin the edges fast, and if you are not careful, they can be harmful. Safety is, therefore, a primary concern when you are dealing with gas-powered hedge trimmers. If you are new to these devices, you should find a lightweight model for safety reasons. You should also find a hedge trimmer that is not difficult to handles and one that has safety features such as two start-up buttons. You are also not allowed to get complacent when using gas-powered hedge trimmers, and you should always handle the blades with maximum care.

However, there are additional safety features that you should look for. For instance, tooth extensions ensure that the blades are far away as possible from the body. Additionally, some gas-powered hedge trimmers are set to automatically turn off when you immediately release the trigger to minimize the risk of accidents. Other have front handle shields that allow you to keep your hand far away from the blade. These are essential safety features that you should consider before buying a gas-powered hedge trimmer.

How does a gas-powered hedge trimmer work?

For you to understand how a gas-powered hedge trimmer works, you will first have to learn of the different parts that a hedge trimmer has. They come in different shapes and sizes, but they are certain essential parts that all of them have. These parts are:-


Gas trimmers have either gas or electric power. However, we are interested in gas-powered hedge trimmers which have a motor that drives the trimmer functions, and the most crucial part of the motor is to provide power.

Gasoline Engine

Gas-powered hedge trimmers use a combination of both gas and oil to power the different functions. The main advantage with gas-powered hedge trimmers is that they give a little more punch in their power in comparison to electric motors, and this is the main reason that they can handle extremely hard trimming tasks.

Gas-powered hedge trimmer’s combust fuel similar to how automobile engines work and generate oscillations that in turn move the blades. The only disadvantage with their functionality is that to produce so much power they are heavy and more challenging to operate. Moreover, you have to factor in the price of oil and gas and also the regular maintenance of the engine that they require every once in a while.


So that you can understand how a hedge trimmer works, you also need to learn about the blades. Gas-powered hedge trimmers have a large number of edges that are attached to the body. They are either located on one side, but in some gas-powered hedge trimmers, you can find them on both sides. This determines whether you have to work from one side or take a sweeping approach when you are working on your lawn.

When considering the blades, there are two types of gas trimmers.

  1. Single action trimmers. These are gas-powered hedge trimmers that have one moving blade and another stationary one.
  2. Double- action trimmers. These are gas-powered hedge trimmers have two blades each moving in the opposite direction from the other one. The main advantage with these types of trimmers is that they vibrate less and the most modern hedge trimmers now come with a set of double-action blades.

Safety features

Although gas-powered hedge trimmers are handy machines, they are still dangerous if not handled properly. For one, they have set of oscillating blades for cutting hedges, and it is, therefore, essential to learn about the safety features.

To protect you from harm, gas-powered hedge trimmers come with auxiliary handles and blade guards. However, the most important safety feature is the lock button which prevents the ignition of the trimmers unless one purposely uses the button. For a trimmer to start, you will have to press two buttons using both of your hands. Another ingenious feature with modern gas-powered hedge trimmers is the blade brake which prevents the trimmer from starting immediately to disengage the feature that works like a trigger.

Faqs about gas-powered hedge trimmers.

How often do I need to sharpen the blades of a gas-powered hedge trimmer?

This all depends on how often you use the gas-powered hedge trimmer and also the machine model. It is however recommended that you sharpen the blades after every 50 hours for maximum productivity and performance. You should also only sharpen the cutting edges and not the flat areas. However, if at any point you find that the blades are not cutting well, feel free to sharpen them.

Are gas-powered hedge trimmers hard to maintain?

Not so much, but they require apt care for optimum performance. There are standard maintenance procedures that you need to learn, such as when to refuel and oil them, but this depends on how often you use them.


The best choice for a gas-powered hedge trimmer is the Tanaka TCH22EBP2 21cc 2-Cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer with 24-Inch Commercial Double-Sided Blades although it is a bit expensive. If you do not have enough money to buy this gas-powered hedge trimmer, I would suggest that you try the Husqvarna 966532302 122HD45 Gas Hedge Trimmer, 21.7 cc/18/10.3 lb, Orange or the Poulan Pro PR2322 22-Inch 23cc 2 Cycle Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer.

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