Best Electric Weed Eaters 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Electric Weed Eaters 2021 : If you are not a big fan of maintaining or owning a gas-powered yard tool then you will be amazed to know that there are potential options available in the market, all you need to know is the options. There are various electrical string trimmers available which are extremely convenient to use and are easily available. Every homeowner always has different opinions thoughts when it comes to decorating the house but when it comes to keeping the house neat and clean the streams eventually collide. Outside premises of the house are not the part which you can avoid and lawn also requires necessary maintenance. Grass cutting is not an easy chore and a mess but with the help of it, you can get the job easily done.

You can choose a corded model if your place is a small heaven outdoor outlet and also if you want to save money. Otherwise, the budget is not an issue then you can consider investing in a better battery-powered device. One of the best ways to keep the landscape tidy and need is to trim them regularly and it cannot be done finely without the help of weed eaters.

Features you must be looking in a weed eater

Additional trimmers:

The most obvious feature is if the trimmer has attachment capability which means that trimmer is made suitable to fit the attachments available in other brands to change the functionality of the machine. It includes turning the trimmer into a blower. The additional benefit of this functionality is that the device is made suitable for multi functionality.

As an edger:

A large number of weed eaters turn into an edger where the head of the device swivels so that it can trim at the intersection of pavement. To get the perfect lawn this is the best feature to have.

Automatic feed line:

While purchasing the weed eaters you can consider the automatic line feed or any other line feature. In this, the string is made to be easily fit into the machine because nothing could be more frustrating than the machine that takes in line poorly or jams when used frequently.

What to look for buying a weed eater?

Buying the best product can be a little troublesome especially if you are clueless with the options available in the market or in case you are a first time user. To keep eye healthy investment you can either use the weed whip reviews for better decision making. Consider buying the string weed trimmers that are affordable, have a good cover and easy to maintain. Depending upon your lawn area you can consider the equipment that is comfortable to handle and for this various suitable options are which include a corded trimmer, electric trimmer, and electric weed wacker. The models are even divided into distinct categories based upon their linefeed design and another working mechanism. Let us have a brief upon the types-

Bump feed:

It refers to the general technique obtained with string advancement where you can have control of the used line. You can also instantly repair if there is any breakdown and while using continuously its head eventually calls out for a replacement.

Automatic feed:

The mechanism of gears technique is quite similar to the bump of it however it indicates the line spinning motor rather than the manual efforts done by your part. Also, you do not have to check the line regularly and your primary concern is only related to the work. It is not required regular tapping hence you can do your work quite faster. If under any circumstances any breakdown occurs then the repairing of the automatic feed is quite difficult.

Fixed head:

This technique utilizes individual line which is user thread into the trimmer but one at a time as in when required. It is ideal as a commercial trimmer and comes along with a strong string that is thick and does not wear out easily. The tool used in this technique does not break very easily.

Best Weed Eater Reviews 2021

#1. Greenworks 18 inch 10 Amp corded string trimmer

The Greenworks 18 inch weed streamer comes with a straight shaft and .80 dual line bump feed. It has a simple electric start with provided code lock features which makes it lightweight and easy to use. You can also speed up the entire trimming process with the help of its 18′ cutting path. For easy attachment quick-connect coupler is provided in this device which can also fit with other brands.

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This best string trimmer has bump line feed and the motor has the brushless covering of the runtime up to 1 hour. It makes very little noise while operating and requires no additional battery charging, you can just plug and play.


  • It is lightweight
  • Support easy attachment changes
  • It has better handling options
  • Comes with good power
  • It is less noisy


  • Its battery life could be better

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#2. Black+ Decker BESTA510.65 Amp 14 in Afs electric trimmer

This product is made to fulfill customer requirements at the most where it comes with an auxiliary handle, guard, AF 100 spool, string trimmer and it has 8000 rotations per minute. An edging wheel comes with it through which you can easily finish the edges of your space all around driveways, flower beds, sidewalks.

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This best Electric weed eater supports automatic feeds full technology that eliminates bumping for one or more strings. The accorded system is present in this which prevents accidental disconnection while cutting.


  • It works perfectly on tough fields
  • It is provided with a guard
  • It is convenient to use
  • This product comes with a 2-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Its price could be better

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#3. BLACK+ DECKER LST 300 weed-whacker

This model is again from the popular series of BLACK+ DECKER that has a 20-volt lithium-ion battery pack to work for 33% additional runtime. The power drive transmission provides more power from the motor to the line to the cutting strings. Also, the automatic feed spool makes sure that the work goes continuous without any bumping.

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This Best Electric Weed Eater is 2 in 1 that is trimmer & edger where you can easily convert it from trimmer to edger within a few seconds. It is provided with better handle and height positions to easily adjust the mobility and its own time extension Technology provides long run time to the device. It is also laced with pivoting handle and adjustable length options provided with automatic feed spool. The battery provided in this last for at least half an hour on a high power setting where you can get more if the power settings are low.


  • Its battery is incredible
  • Power drive transmission technology works better
  • Automatic feed spool checks for continuous work
  • It is lightweight


  • This is not an affordable option

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#4. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V Power Share

The model is a 12 cordless string weed trimmer and edger which means that it can easily be converted from string trimmer to a wheeled edger in few seconds. It has a system of instant push-button command feed spool for line feeding along with free spools. This device comes with two powerful yet lightweight power shares lithium batteries covering the range of 20V.

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This weed eater has rubberized wheels to provide additional support and guide the edger through which you can easily understand the cleaner cuts and straight lines on the lawn. Its head can be tilted to 90 degrees so that you can easily trim the edges of a rough surface. Spacer guards are provided with it which is adjustable so that you don’t accidentally damage the grass or other plants. It also prevents the landscape features or beautification of the area.


  • It works as 2 in 1 for trimmer and edger
  • It gives instant line feed
  • It comes in rubberized wheels
  • This device is provided with space guards


  • It is not a lightweight device

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Another interesting model from the same series can be easily converted from an edger to trimmer or vice versa within a few seconds. For better cutting performance it has a maximum automatic single line feed system. It is a compact and lightweight weed eater which is even cordless. In order to go from one function to another, it is also provided with a one-touch easy conversion mechanism and it runs on a 20-volt lithium battery.

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It also provides longer run time and for comfortable working a fixed front handle is provided. For the adjustable cutting width ranging from 10″ to 12”, the trimmer has an adjustable cutting functioning. To prevent the flowers, lawn ornamentation from getting damaged a folding spacer is supplied in the device. It is reliable to work for long hours.


  • It is convertible from trimmer to edger and vice versa
  • It helps in extending the area
  • Its design is ergonomic
  • For easy conversion, it is provided with a rotating head


  • Its battery is not durable for long working hours

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#6. Craftman V60 cordless 15 brushless weed wacker string trimmer

It is a designer product by craftsman which is also a part of the V60 cordless system and Versa track wall organization system. Its motor performance is 60 V and the battery has a longer run time. The device is provided with two different speed variables for maximum power for longer performance.

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It also has an adjustable handle along with its economic telescoping pole to assist you with absolute comfort and control systems. The manufacturer also offers a 4-year limited warranty with this product. The bump of the feed system has ease of line for the replacement.


  • It is designer weed trimmer
  • It comes with a brushless motor
  • Supports quick wind spool
  • It is lightweight


  • Its battery system can be improvised

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#7. Craftman string trimmer 14 inches, 6.5 AMP

Another reliable weed trimmer device from the same manufacturer. The telescoping pole provided with this weed eater easily features turn to edge capability and push-button feed system allows the user to control line feed easily.

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For quickly turning from trimming to edging it has a wheeled edger with the help of a wheeled edge guide. It has a cutting swath of 14 inches with a single 0.065 inches line. It also includes two replacement spools and a 3-year limited warranty is provided by the manufacturer for this product.


  • This is a trustable device from the same series
  • It supports high performance
  • It is provided with an ergonomic telescoping pole
  • It has a push-button feed system


  • It’s cutting line doesn’t work finely

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#8. DeWalt DCST925M1 string trimmer

The device is available in yellow and black colors and has the 13″ cutting swath having 0.080″ line. It also has gear drive transmission design supporting the maximum coverage for overgrowth and has a variable trigger for high or low-speed control for adding the power and extended runtime.

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For moving freely this device comes in a balanced design and gives complete access to the user to move. The gear drive transmission specially designed to provide amplified torque while powering the performance.


  • It is available in multiple colors
  • It has an amazing design
  • The line system is perfect for cutting
  • It is lightweight


  • Its battery does not support long working hours

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#9. UKOKE U02TE Cordless electric power grass trimmer

This weed wacker is intended to cut small and soft grass or other vegetation that might be growing in your outdoors or lawn area. It has 2 support roller wheels to make the performance more precise and has an automatic single line feed system to make smooth working.

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It has a lightweight compact cordless design for providing absolute portability. It also comes with a 1-year replacement warranty for any defects.


  • It is extremely comfortable to use the device
  • It is durable and safe to work with
  • It comes with a 1-year replacement policy
  • It easily supports edging and trimming


  • Its battery is not reliable

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Best Electric Weed Eaters 2021 : Buyer’s guide

Weed trimmers can be a very useful product you can have all you have to do is ensure that it is ready and safe to use all the time. At the time of use put on your protective clothing and do not miss to cover your ears from the loud noise (though the electric weed wacker has limited noise). We have presented the best weed eaters available in the market in this article along with some essential features and other details. Still, if you are not certain about which model is suitable for you now is the time to check the buyer’s guide. This is filled with the most essential information consider the devices so have a look through it.

  • Power

The power output of the electric trimmer is worth considering if you have recorded weed eater then you have to go for the one having high amps. For cordless devices select the models having high voltage batteries. Keep one thing in mind that any weed eater that is efficient to cut the grass and weeds requires maximum power you have to compare or evaluate cordless and corded eaters for the match. You can also consider the size of your area and the type of weed growing in it. If your lawn small area then a dreamer having an extension can work for you but if the space is large then this option will not work for you. However, using a cable is an additional advantage where do you do not have to worry about the battery dying for replacement every now and then. If you have a sizeable lawn then it is better to have a cordless trimmer to give you maximum mobility.

Another segment involves your purpose which means if you are just taking care of your residential area then there is no actual reason to not prefer an electric model. Because in multiple cases there is no need to have a top-end power device and even a general below-average device can work for you for at least half an hour. The best devices in the market can run for several hours on a single battery especially when you are using them at low power levels. If your purpose is industrial then you can prefer gas-powered models.

  • Weight

You do not have to overlook the overall impact of mass when you are all set to buy a weed eater. You have to pay attention to the overall weight of the machine for its mobility or portability. It follows a simple fact that if a machine will not drag you down then it will help you to work more hours in a large space and vice versa. The major drawback associated with the fact is that it is hard to find a battery-powered device that comes with a suitable weight. The devices which are battery-powered are much lighter than the gas-powered devices. Sometimes inefficiency in the design leads to poor models end up being lighter.

  • Battery cycle

If you are getting a lithium-ion battery then you can be sure a lightweight device that will last for healthy time on a single charge. you can have an additional charge battery already so in case of battery failure you don’t have to stop cleaning your lawn.

  • Guard quality

If you at certain not to have the hands of plant or small degrees keep coming to your legs then you definitely need a supreme quality guard. You might be dressed in a protective there but still, if the area is hot and humid, this is not a good option and under the circumstances in order to protect your legs or avoid any wounds goes for devices having high-quality guards. But if you are looking for a lightweight a device then you can avoid it because high-quality guards mean they will certainly raise the weight of your weed eater.

  • Design of the weed eater

For better economic control you have to check the overall condition of the device and ensure that the mass is equally distributed all around. There are some models having a maximum weight at the top but it is essential to have the controls smooth and easily accessible at any part. The shaft present in the weed eater is responsible to transfer the power from the motor to cut the grass to the lines. When the shaft is well-positioned then it will be easy for you to make a precise cut on the side box with a very comfortable angle. Also, check if the starter switch in a position where it cannot switch on or off automatically.

  • Feed reloading feature

No matter how expensive weed eater you have purchased but at some point, you would have a need to replace the trimmer line. Depending upon the model this could be a simple or a complicated task and we have to keep in mind that thicker line gauge holds better and requires less replacing and the drawback associated with them is they are heavier and consumes more power decreasing how long the model can last compared to other models.

The Bottom Line

Almost every segment associated with the purchase of weed eaters and how to use them without any inconvenience is included in this article. If you have gone carefully through it then you are good to go with the best string trimmer for your lawn. It is important to understand that every weed eater has unique properties and functioning therefore you have got an array of options to choose from. Electric devices are comparatively small, easy to use and light. Before using any device it is extremely important to understand it’s functioning and safety measures because in most cases buyers usually avoid the details. The electric weed eater device causes no harm to pollution hence if you are sensitive to pollution it could be your best choice.

We hope that our reviews, factors, and buyers guide has helped you enough to learn a lot about the best weed eaters.

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