Top 5 Best Brush Cutter 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

A brush cutter is also known as a bush saw or clearing saw. For the ones who have a huge yard or a lot of land space by now will know that using a weed wacker or a lawn mower is not going to solve your issues, and that’s where a brush cutter comes in and help you.

It’s an extremely versatile tool, that is manufactured to tear through the toughest of the most robust vegetation. The brush cutters effortlessly perform all the daily chores, taking out the burden from your shoulders and letting you take a breather. The brush cutters are sturdy, durable, and one of the most reliable garden tools, in other words, they are worth the investment.

Best Brush Cutter Reviews 2021

#1. Makita 4- Stroke Brush Cutter

The reason why this best Brush cutter is famous is that it relied on the Mechanical automatic Engine Decompression so that it can provide a more comfortable as well as a quicker start. The design of the brush cutter is such that it is lightweight as well as compact; this way, it is easy to control the brush cutter. The blade of the brush cutter is strong enough to cut through small trees as well as heavy debris. With its standard dual air stage filter, it is manufactured to a commercial standard.

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The filter of the cutter has large sellable areas which can be replaced easily as well as can be accessed easily—this way, the professional quality of the brush cutter can be maintained. The design of the drive shaft is such that it does deliver fewer vibrations. This way, the equipment can last longers, and the maintenance of the garden can be carried comfortably.


  • The start is easy and quick
  • The design is compact
  • It is lightweight and can be controlled easily
  • The shaft reduces the vibrations
  • The filter is resealable and replaceable


  • not recommended for aggressive work
  • You may have to attach a handle to the engine

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#2. Husqvarna 223R straight shaft

This two handled brush cutter comes with a quick start system as well as the anti-vibration technology. The cutting swath of the cutter is 17 inch and is strong enough to destroy anything that comes in its path. The weight of the cutter is 9,9 pounds, and it is among the lightest brush cutter available in the market. The power of the brush cutter is 25cc.

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This best brush cutter also has an interchangeable string as well as an interchangeable blade head. It is a multi-purposeful blade cutter, making it be a justified purchase. The machine is backed with a two-year warranty. The people who work long hours and work in the vast areas, love this brush cutter as it can easily cut down everything. The harness of the brush cutter is fully adjustable and allows the user to carry the weight of the brush cutter on the frame of the body rather than the arms. The machine comes with non-ethanol gas mixes which helps in avoiding the gumming up of the engine. This monster of a machine is going to last for years.


  • The shaft is made up of solid steels
  • The brush cutter is well balanced
  • It runs for about 2.5 hours on a full gas tank
  • It comes with an interchangeable blade as well as a string head
  • The power of the brush cutter is consistent


  • The machine takes time in adjusting to the harness
  • The assembly instructions are bad
  • The replacement of the defective parts is difficult

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#3. Troy-Bilt BC Gas Brush cutter

The built of the brush cutter is unique; it is made in a j shape; this way anyone be it a left-hander or a right-hander both can use it. The cutting diameter is 16 inch. The machine is also interchangeable with about ten different heads. The device can practically mow down anything that stands in its way. The engine of the best brush cutter is 27cc, and it can be started through a jump start system, in other words, the user wouldn’t have to pull the cord multiple times to get the machine started.

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Though it is sturdy and has a steel shaft, the machine can bend against the heavier cut, so while using the device the user needs to make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with heavier objects. The cut of the machine is very clean, and it doesn’t tangle when it comes in contact with the weed. The sharpening of the blades is very easy.

The faulty issues, which fall under the warranty, get treated easily, and the company replaces them with top-notch service.


  • The customer service is good
  • The heads are interchangeable
  • The power is consistent
  • The blade doesn’t get tangled with the vegetation


  • The machine is heavy
  • The steel shaft could be stronger
  • The procedure of starting the machine is strong
  • The harness is not very supportive

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#4. Poulan Pro PP28LD SureFire String Trimmer

It is a powerful and highly effective brush cutter. The machine relies on the two-cycle engine, and the performance delivered by the machine is unbeatable. The machine has a spring assisted start system, which can operate easily, and the yard work is done with ease. The shaft of the machine is long and straight, this way it is easier to reach the foliage, trees and other various kinds of bushes that are present in the yard of the garden.

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This best brush cutter comes with a variety of other professional attachments, like trimmers, etc., the tools make the machine extra versatile. Since it’s a professional standard brush cutter making it suitable for all kinds of landscapes as well as outdoor chores. So for the ones who are looking for a device that works best with gardens, farms or fields, it is the best option. The engine powers are 28 ccs, and the length of the shaft is 11 inches


  • The machine is powerful yet effective
  • The engine works in two cycles
  • The start is assisted with spring
  • The shaft is long and straight
  • Various amounts of attachments are available


  • It is on the heavier side
  • At times the engines stop abruptly and don’t start for a long period

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#5. Husqvarna Outdoor equipment brush cutter

It is one of the most reliable, efficient and powerful gardening tools. The machine is very easy to operate as it comes with a smart started and intuitive controls. The smart start gets the brush cutter into gear without any hassle or effort. The best brush cutter is suitable for all kinds of landscapes since it comes with a comfortable grip. The grip is strong enough to support the user even after long hours of use. The machine has an X- a torp engine which is fuel-efficient. The machine is battery operated and has been manufactured to provide quiet operation, this way it suitable to be used in residential as well as commercial landscapes. The engine of the machine is 28cc, and the length of the shaft is 40 inches.

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  • The machine has a quick-start feature
  • It is a versatile tool
  • The fuel efficiency is great
  • The grip is comfortable
  • It is a reliable and powerful tool


  • No cons have been found until now.

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Best Brush Cutter 2021 Buyer’s Guide

When everything has failed to tame your garden, then the brush cutters are something that you need to rely upon. The brush cutters are extremely tough and can cut through any obstacle. The brush cutters are a huge investment because of their power. So, this is why the buyer needs to understand and make the right choice for their yard/garden when it comes to buying the brush cutter.

There are various kinds of brush cutters available in the market, and all of these brush cutters claim to be as powerful as the other one. If you have a landscaping plot which requires a lot of extra care, then one thing which should top your shopping list is the brush cutter.

What Is A Brush Cutter?

Typically used for cleaning and general upkeep of the agricultural areas or gardens, a brush cutter is a potent tool. The brush cutter can groom trees, remove the weeds, trim grass and take care of other foliage that at times gets missed by the lawnmower or the weed cutter.

Brush cutters can also shape up the bushes as well as trees in and around your garden. The brush cutters are battery-operated, or gas motors power them. In other words, they are more powerful than any other gardening device.

The brush cutters are designed in such a way that they have long shafts, and these long shafts will help the user in reaching all areas of the garden, making it more comfortable to groom it and maintain the landscape. Few of the brush cutters come with various other attachments, which means that these cutters can be used for more than one chore. The brush cutters are more popular with residential users since they are not powerful but helpful.

Do I genuinely need a brush cutter?

If your garden/ yard/ agricultural area is unruly, thick, overrun and an untreated garden, then the brush cutter will be very beneficial for you. They are made in such a way that they can handle the most demanding chores which are overlooked or are not managed by the weed cutters or the regular lawnmowers. Since they are motor powered they are more powerful and can effortlessly cut the thick foliage, remove the weeds as well as cut the overgrown lawns.

Another factor why brush cutter is way better than other gardening tools is that they are multi-purpose, as well as powerful and efficient. The brush cutter can easily replace the majority of the gardening tools. They are way expensive than the typical weed wacker or the lawnmower because their functioning is better as well as they work harder and better.

They are worth the investment, as it will make your gardening chores a lot easier. This device will keep working for more extended periods and help you to maintain your green area. Your gardening will be much easier because of the brush cutter.

Things that you need to keep in mind while looking for a best brush cutter.

If you are investing a huge sum of money in a brush cutter so that the green area around you can be tamed, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. So when you are shopping for brush cutters, look for the mentioned below factors.

The durability of the brush cutter

As stated above, brush cutters are a huge investment that will solve all your gardening problems, and make your landscaping and gardening chores a lot easier. But to do so, the brush cutter has to be strong as well as durable enough. If you are going to throw in a lot of money in one device, it needs to function for a longer period.

So, when you are checking the durability of the brush cutter, two most important things that you need to look into is the material of the blade and how the shaft is formed. These two should be made of tough, durable and sustainable metallic materials, not only this but should also be able to survive through all the tasks.

The intention behind the production of brush cutter is that it can handle thick and tough foliage, so finding a durable brush cutter won’t be a difficult task.

Multi-Purpose Features

The brush cutters are manufactured so that they can replace all the other gardening tools, the majority of the brush cutters come with some sort of multi-purpose attachments. Some of them already come with the attachments, and in some of them, additional attachments can be bought in later.

Choose a brush cutter that can handle various kinds of terrains. This way, you will be able to make the most of your purchase. This will also ensure that your one brush cutter will take care of your landscape as well as your entire garden.

Universal Attachments connection

If you want to make sure that the money which you have invested produces fruitful returns, then buy the device which has the universal attachments connection. Majority of the brush cutters available in the market can be used with attachments from other brands. This factor is beneficial if you are looking for a brush cutter for personal use, and want to save money.

Now that you are aware of the basics of the brush cutters. You must have some kinds of an idea as to which device do you need for home or your professional use. But, one thing that bothers’ every consumer is the maintenance of the product, taking care of your device and maintaining it is another huge task. If you take good care of your brush cutter, it is going to last long. Listed below are the answers of the questions which arises in the mind of the brush cutter user after they buy it.

How do I use a brush cutter?

Once you have bought the perfect brush cutter, you will have to learn how to operate it. It is but obvious that the brush cutter differs from each other and the difference depends upon the size, brand, motor power, (though the brush cutters operate similarly). As the quote says, practice makes perfect, and this is the same case with the brush cutters. Like any other device, it will take some time for the user to get comfortable with the brush cutter. There are four ways of using a brush cutter.

  1. Mowing:– the brush cutter, can be used for treating, maintaining as well as creating a neat and tidy lawn area. So basically it will work as a lawnmower as well as a grass trimmer.
  2. Tapering:- the brush cutter can also be used for the objects that surround the green area, like trees or fences. So, the brush cutter helps in preventing certain areas from overgrowing.
  3. Weeding:– the brush cutters are great for cleaning out weeds from the paved areas, your patio as well as your front yard. So basically brush cutters are hight efficient for weeding.
  4. Scything:- the most famous device for treating brush cutters as well as treating long weeds as well as lawn. The user needs to have a steady hand for Scything.

How can I sharpen a brush cutter blade?

Like any other device, the blades of brush cutters tend to become blunt after some time, the bluntness of the blades causes ineffective mowing, weeding as well as tapering. This doesn’t indicate that you have to buy a new device. You just have to sharpen the blades yourself at home. Moreover, it won’t cost anything. Just make sure you have the safety equipment, and the device isn’t switched one or is plugged in the socket.

To sharpen the blade of the brush cutter:-

  • Wash the blade with a warm and soapy water
  • Then angle the blade and then line up your sharpening tools or the whetstone.
  • Then start onto drag on the stone across the blade.
  • Continue to do the process of sharpening the blade until or unless you are happy with the result. Make sure that you repeat this process every few months so that your brush cutter can stay in top condition.


A brush cutter is a versatile machine that can replace all the gardening tools, as it can be used for weed removal, tapering as well as mowing. To keep the best brush cutter in its’ top position sharpen the blade every few months and brush cutter will be in good condition.

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