Best Backpack Sprayer 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Backpack Sprayer 2020 : Gardening can be an exciting and rewarding experience. After you have meticulously laid little parcels of your horticultural heaven, there are some things you need it to do to ensure it stays beautiful. You have to make sure that the green lawn is sprawling, the beautiful flowers are flourishing, and the orchard is full of bounties, and so you still need to learn how to maintain it. To make a beautiful garden, you still need to learn how to manage it, and this is where the backpack sprayer comes in. It helps you keep your yard free of insects and bugs that might otherwise destroy the beautiful garden you have planted. You will need to spray herbicides and pesticides to keep away the insects or even fertilizer to keep the garden flourishing.

For most people who have their gardens, a sanctuary, a place to hang out with family, or relax after a tough day at work, it can be frustrating to see weeds spring up. Weeds not only make the garden ugly, but they can also cause harm to other plants that you cherish. Moreover, if too many weeds spring up, they may ultimately overpower your plants or flowers by taking away all their nutrients.

Best Backpack Sprayer Reviews 2020

There are plants that can be dangerous to both ourselves and other animals. Weeds such as cowbane or chervil are good examples of wild plants that are not only irritants but can also be poisonous to us and our pets. This is the atmosphere you do not want in your garden. Pulling out such weeds from the ground can take up most of your time and be tiresome, and this is not the most comfortable option. This is why you need a backpack sprayer.

#1. Field King No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer

This best backpack sprayer has a unique design that comes with an internal no leak pump. This makes it safer to use because the chemical does not spill down your back. Also, the internal piston lets out the chemicals at approximately 150 PSI. Additionally, this device comes with a 21-inch durable wand made of poly so that you can spray the chemicals far away from your body. The wand also has a piston and diaphragm backpack attached to it. It also has the best quality of Viton seals. These seals can be used with wet table powders or any other chemical solution.

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This backpack sprayer has an inline filter that prevents particles and other material from reaching the nozzle. One of the best things about this backpack sprayer is it has an easily accessible pump, which helps you change the seal in a very short amount of time. Another good thing with the Field King Professional 190328 is that it comes with four nozzles, namely the brass nozzle, which is adjustable, two flat fans, the foaming nozzles, and last but not least the tee jet nozzle. This means that it can be used for different things, and so if you are looking to invest in a backpack sprayer that can multi-task, then this is the backpack you need. This backpack sprayer can spray at 150 PSI and also has a pressure regulator that can be used to adjust the pressure. Its extended shoulder straps are also adjustable, and to make it more comfortable, it has a chest cinch strap and a waist belt.


  • Has a no leak pump
  • Comes with adjustable long straps.
  • Has a long wand
  • The translucent tank enables you to see how much liquid is left so that you can refill if need be.
  • Made by a recognized manufacturer.


  • It can only be used with four types of nozzles.
  • Bit expensive comparing to other products in the list

#2. Pressure Sprayer Backpack for Fertilizing and Pesticides (Blue)

This is a multipurpose backpack Sprayer which has a capacity of up to 4 gallons of the liquid you are using. It can be used for different purposes such as weed killing using insecticides, spraying fertilizer and many other applications. It is also resistant to the weather since it is made of 600D polyester, which is extremely durable and heavy. It also has a good set of shoulder straps, and the par that rests on your back is padded to offer comfort when spraying.

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In spite of your professionalism or experience, working with chemical always comes at a risk. Spillages or even leaks are part and parcel of gardening so unless you have the best backpack sprayer; you risk damaging your skin. This backpack takes into account these risks and therefore has a no-leak pump design for your safety. Since chemicals are corrosive, it is essential to be careful, but this sprayer helps you avoid accidental leakages since it has one of the best designs out there. It also comes with an eighteen or twenty-one-inch stainless steel ward so that the chemical stay far away from your body. It is also compatible with a host of nozzles such as the tee jet nozzles and some other types.


  • The tank is made of 600D polyester which is extremely durable.
  • Has a large tank of up to 4 gallons
  • Can be used for different purposes.
  • The Sprayer is compatible with tee jet nozzles.


  • Has a blue color that is not transluscent and so you cannot tell how much liquid is left.

#3. Roundup 190426 Commercial Backpack Sprayer

The roundup 190426 is a versatile sprayer that is not only used for cleaning but also other purposes such as pest control and spraying fertilizers. It also has a heavy duty wand made of poly with a good grip so that you can spray continuously. Another essential feature is the nickel-plated poppet that comes with an in-line filter so that no external material can damage the nozzle. It works with a set of Viton seals and gaskets that are stored in the pump so that it can be chemical resistant. It has padded straps that are adjustable and a waist belt so that you can wear the pump and spray around your garden comfortably. It can work with several nozzles such as the adjustable brass, the high and low volume fan and the foaming nozzle.

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It has a double filtration system with one filter located at the top and the other at the shut-off. This is one of the best features, and if you are looking for a backpack sprayer that will give you quality service, then this is the backpack to get. It has a fan tip nozzle and can also work with other types of nozzles such as the adjustable poly cone. For comfort when spraying around your garden or when cleaning, it comes with padded shoulder straps so that you are able to carry it comfortably even when the tank is fully loaded with a liquid.


  • It is a multipurpose backpack sprayer.
  • Works with tee jet nozzles
  • Has a padded shoulder strap for comfort.


  • Has a low liquid capacity
  • Works only with tee jet nozzles and 2 other nozzle types.

#4. My 4 Sons 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

This best backpack sprayer comes with a host of features such as hose and sprays piston plus a stainless ward which is made of steel for durability. It has a capacity of 4 gallons meaning you can spray around for a long time without having to refill it. This sprayer is not manual but automatic, and it uses a battery that can last for eight hours that comes with an AC charger. It has a wide opening at the pump which allows for easy filling and also has a screen filter to ensure that you do not pour dirt into the tank. It also has battery life indicators so that you can tell when the battery is about to become depleted. Finally, it has a locking trigger to that you can have improved ergonomics and also a brass nozzle that is not degradable.

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Nowadays, due to continuous innovations in tank developments, the tank is lightweight. It is usually made of light materials such as polyethylene plastic, which is not only made of UV resistant material but also resistant to other types of chemicals that you mainly use when gardening or cleaning. Tanks have a capacity of two to four gallons depending on the type of backpack sprayer you have. This capacity is perfect for household tasks, but you can choose a larger tank.


  • Has a large liquid capacity
  • Has an adjustable brass nozzle that lasts for a very long time
  • It is automatic with a battery that can go for eight hours.
  • Has a variable spray pattern.


  • Very expensive as compared to other backpack sprayers
  • Does not bond well with other nozzles apart from the brass nozzle.

#5. Jacto HD400, 4 Gallon No Leak Backpack Sprayer

This backpack sprayer reaches forty-five PSI up to a maximum of 65 PSI after only six pumps and can be reconfigured for right or left-hand usage. It is easy and efficient to handle and comes with paddle agitation for use with liquids such as pesticides and other crop protection liquids. For safety purposes, it has an inline piston pump which is put inside the tank to limit one’s exposure to chemicals. It is tested using 1500 hour service life to ensure that it is safe for the operator before it is sold. It has a 4-gallon tank, a molded handle for carrying it and volumetric markings so that you can tell the capacity when mixing chemicals. It also has a 65-inch chemical resistant hose and a stainless wand that is durable and comfortable when spraying the garden.

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The pump is the next part we will look at. This is the part that draws the liquid from the tank and sends it to the pressuring chamber, where seals and valves hold it until it is released to the wand. The pump holds the liquid under high pressure so that it can move to the valve on the wand and finally out through the nozzle.

This is the elongated shaft that helps you to direct the liquid you are spraying onto the target. It is made of a long and hollow light rod that helps you to spray hard-to-reach places even above or below your head. It is also long for safety purposes so that you do not spray the liquid onto yourself.


  • Has a 4 gallon tank
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy to handle
  • Very safe for the operator
  • Chemical resistant hose


  • Quite expensive
  • Cannot be used with a selection of nozzle attachments

#6. Chapin 61500 Backpack Sprayer for Fertilizer, 4 gal

This best backpack sprayer has a capacity of 4 gallons of liquid and also has a 4-inch wide opening at the mouth plus a translucent tank so that you can refill it easily. The tank is also made of poly materials that are resistant to fertilizers, weed control liquids and pesticides. It has a 2-step filtration system that has two openings, one at the top and the other at the shut-off. It can work with two nozzles, namely the adjustable poly cone and the fan tip. It also has padded shoulder straps so that you can comfortably carry it on your back for several hours.

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The nozzle is the part that manages the flow and pattern of the chemical. There are different types of spray nozzles, each with its spray pattern and flow. Some give a narrow or wide stream, while others are cone-shaped, while others provide a direct stream. However, the size of the opening at the nozzle is adjustable so that even when you want to spray narrow or broad areas, you adjust. The nozzle spray at a rate of 0.3 to 0.6 gallons in a minute, so this is something that you need to consider when going out to buy a backpack sprayer. Plastic nozzles may degrade over time, so if you do not want degradable nozzles, you can choose to buy one that is made of bronze or brass. These types of backpack sprayers with nozzles made brass or bronze are, however, quite expensive, but they will last for a very long time and save you money for having to change the nozzles every once in a while.


  • Has a large liquid capacity of up to 4 gallons
  • Has a double filtration system.
  • Has padded shoulder straps
  • Works with two nozzles
  • It is affordable


  • Works with only two nozzle types.
  • Does not have a no-leak guarantee

#8. Chapin 61900 Pro Commercial Backpack Sprayer

This best budget backpack sprayer comes with a 4-gallon capacity tank that has a four-inch opening so that you can refill it without much fuss. Since it is resistant to most chemicals, you can use it to spray fertilizer, weed killers, and even pesticides. It has a 3-stage filtration process and is compatible with three types of nozzles for a variety of uses and applications. It also comes with padded shoulder straps so that you can be comfortable when going about your gardening or cleaning duties.

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Since backpack sprayers sit at the back when you are spraying, the straps help to keep it in position. The straps are put on your shoulders and around the chest so that the weight is distributed equally on your back. This is so that you can use your hands to hold the ward and go about spraying your garden, house, car, or boat.


  • It is affordable
  • Has a large capacity
  • It is translucent
  • Has three filters to ensure foreign particles do not get into the tank


  • It does not have a no-leak design
  • Only compatible with three nozzle types

#8. Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer

This best backpack sprayer comes with a high-performance piston pump and a 28-inch wand so that you can spray faraway distances. It is compatible with four commercially available nozzles, such as the tee jet and jet stream nozzles. It also has a shut-off valve that works to minimize user fatigue, and the pump handle can be interchanged so that you can use either on your left or right side. An essential feature in this tank is the rugged metal frame, coupled with the extra-large opening at the container that helps you to refill it easily and quickly.


  • Has a large liquid capacity
  • Compatible with four commercially available nozzles
  • Has a long wand
  • Has a large opening so that you can refill it easily
  • It is translucent


  • Has no filt

What is a backpack sprayer?

A backpack sprayer is a versatile tool that is used to spray pesticides, insecticides, fertilizer, and other chemicals that you do not want to touch onto your plants. The backpack sprayer not only allows staying on top when it comes to keeping your garden healthy but also a way to do other household tasks. You may find the need to clean the exterior of your house, or even clean your car or boat or even apply vanish, and you can use your backpack sprayer. This shows just how much having the best backpack sprayer can come in handy at home.

This portable device gives you an efficient and quick way to complete a host of tasks at home. It is, however, advisable to acquire two tanks, one for gardening and the other to do other chores so that you do not mess up your garden through cross-contamination.

Factors to consider when buying a Best backpack sprayer 2020

There are some things that you need to consider before going out to buy a backpack sprayer. You will need to think about how you intend to use the backpack, the features you want, and many other things. In this section, we will look at the most important things you need to consider before going shopping for a backpack sprayer.


This is an essential factor that you need to consider, especially if you will be using your backpack sprayer regularly. If this is the case, you will need to buy a backpack sprayer from a recognized brand and one that has good reviews so that it gives you service for a long time. You will need to purchase one with the right pump that is resistant to the chemicals you intend to use. It would help if you also had a backpack sprayer with a tank that is UV resistant and made of a high-density material such as polythene and one with hoses, seals, and valves that can work under high pressure.

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Manual or motor-driven

You will need to decide whether you prefer a manual or motor-driven sprayer. If you intend to cover long distances or work on large tracts of land over an acre long, then you should consider a motorized sprayer. However, if it is for casual gardening of small pieces of land or cleaning, then a manual backpack sprayer works best for you.

Safety and comfort

If you are looking for a safe backpack sprayer, you should buy one that has a no-leak design, which minimizes the risk of spillage of chemicals when spraying. You should not invest in one that does not have a no-leak design. For comfort purposes, it is advisable to invest in a backpack sprayer that has padded shoulder straps, a long wand that is interchangeable to both the left and right hand, and one that is compatible with a variety of commercially available nozzles.

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Faqs about backpack sprayers.

How far can a backpack sprayer spray?

How far a backpack sprayer can spray varies depending on the model. The thing you need to understand is that if the area covered is more extensive, then it will not spray an extended area. This means you need to consider the choice of your nozzle and the length of the wand.

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Can I mix weed killers and insecticides in the same backpack sprayer?

Although it is not recommended, yes, you can. However, you should make sure that the solution is not dangerous to plant life, or you will risk destroying your garden. Moreover, after mixing two solutions and spraying, you will need to thoroughly clean your backpack sprayer afterward so that you do not leave any residue.

Which is the right backpack sprayer for you?

The right backpack sprayer for you is one that has all the features you need for gardening. However, there are some things you need to consider. For instance, you should get one that has a durable tank made of polyester material, one that has a brass or bronze nozzle, and one with a long ward so that you can spray far.


The Field King Professional 190328 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer for Killing Weeds in Lawns and Gardens is one of the best backpack sprayers out there. It has a no-leak design, a long ward, is compatible with a host of commercially available nozzles, and its pressure systems allow it to spray long distances. You can also adjust the nozzle so that you can spray wider rather than longer. However, it is quite expensive, and it is out of your budget, you can consider investing in the Chapin 61900 4-Gallon Tree and Turf Pro Commercial Backpack Sprayer with Stainless Steel Wand or the My 4 Sons 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer with 0-60 PSI Pressure DIAL, Adjustable Brass Nozzle, and 16-35 INCH Stainless HD Wand, CART, and 15ft Extended Hose and Spray Pistol.

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