Best Backpack Leaf Blower 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Backpack Leaf Blower 2020 : There are several interests and hobbies of different people and everyone does them with more passion and dedication than their professional. One such wildly preferred leaf blowing. It is a major passion and a way of entertainment and passing time for old people. It is not a necessary passion for them but a regular practice at house for everyone.

A majority of people have a backyard at their home and some have it very large. We cannot plan to pick the fallen leaves with our hand but it is a better option use a tool which can do the task for you easily. There are a number of ways to get the thing done but the best thing to do is to use the best tool which is a leaf blower. It can help you do the difficult task easily and with lesser efforts.

Leaf blowers can be of different kind with different engines and fuel. The best option for you to have is a back pack leaf blower. They help you to take the stuff on your back and you need not to drag all the stuff with your when you move to clean especially when you have a large property.

Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews 2020

If you are a landscaping professional, this is a must have tool for you and you must already be aware of it. Here you will find the best options available for you. These products are suitable for you if you just need it usual tasks at home or for professional usage. So just scroll and get the best one for you from the list available for you.

#1. Husqvarna 967144301 360 BT Backpack Blower, Orange

The Blower is available in orange colour that suits for the product. When kept inside the house, it looks pretty. If you doubt the power of the engine, you are making a mistake. This backpack blower has a X-TORQ Engine with massive power. The engine is so powerful that it can blower stone and snow if kept so close. Other users have recommended to use it carefully as its way too much powerful and a better option for the professionals.

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The power is not the only thing for the engine, efficiency has equal role to play and here the X-TORQ engine has done the job successful. It increases the efficiency of fuel consumption by 20% and also reduces the harmful exhaust emission by up to 60%. The attached efficient fan design helps to keep the product colder and emit lesser heat. Alongside, it increases the power and efficiency of the blower.

The manufacturers are aware of the efforts to move the blower so they have introduced a very efficient tool in the product. This back pack blower can utilize a full blow force with minimal arm strain. The blower is effective for all the jobs for professional or casual household usages and it is preferred by the professionals due to the heavy power it offers.

The blower is available as both handheld or backpack design and you can choose the one suitable for you.

If you use the product for an extended period of time, this blower has an ergonomic design which take care of your comfort you need for such a long time. T has low vibrational technology with effective anti-vibration dampeners. This helps to minimize the stress on your arms. They also have a cordless design allowing you to move the blower easily and freely.


  • The blower is available with heavy power to do the job easily.
  • The blower has 20% more efficiency and extremely less exhaust excretion.
  • Ergonomic design is easily to handle and operate.


  • The blower is very loud making it mandatory to wear proper hearing protection.
  • No waist belt makes it difficult to keep on the back once weight is heavy.

#2. Greenworks 80V 145MPH – 580 CFM Cordless backpack leaf blowers

The backpack blower is available in multiple designs and multiple fuel options. It is available as backpack blower or the jet blower.The blower is also available as tool only or the battery included design. You get the 2.5Ah battery and the charger included with it. As a user, you must prefer a backpack blower with charger and battery included. This is because the price difference is not that significant and the blower is of affordable price range.

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If you worry about the power of an electric backpack blower, this blower as a brushless motor that is powerful enough to deliver a gas equivalent performance. It also maximizes the runtime and efficiency of the motor. It offers up to 580 CFM or 145 MPH which is powerful enough to blow dry and wet leaves and debris a breeze making it an efficient choice for all the users.

One fine feature in this blower which makes it a very fine choice for the household usage is the variable speed trigger and turbo button. You can switch to multiple speeds on demand of the power. It switching is instant and doesn’t take much of time. Alongside, you also get a two-year warrantyfor the product. Its average lifetime is expected to be about 4 years which is quite long for an electric device to be used regularly.


  • Battery driven motor are more efficient and easier to use to different jobs.
  • Powerful motor with power equivalent to a gas engine.
  • Light in weight makes it easy to carry and use
  • 2-year warranty allows you to use it freely.


  • Cannot be charged when the product is in usage.
  • Battery life decreases with time period and excessive usage resulting in battery replace after some time.

#3. Ryobi 175 MPH 760 CFM 28cc 2-cycle backpack leaf blower

This time we have a product with all the features you need for an ideal backpack leaf blower. It has power, comfort and efficiency. It is just an amazing product for household as well as professional usage making it a great choice for all.

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The power of the backpack leaf blower lies in its engine and this blower has a 2-cycle engine which is extremely powerful in multiple ways. The gas engine itself has a massive power and here you get a 2-cycel 38cc engine which is capable of doing all your task easily and comfortable. It is best in class 760 CFM and 175 MPH.

The engine doesn’t heat up easily as it is placed at a unique position for easy excretion of heat and increases the efficiency of the engine. This is not just it; the blower also has a variable speed trigger and cruise control. This let you control the speed as per your usage making it a more efficient option.

It also has added comfort features with adjustable straps and a contoured back. Thishelps you to reduce the vibrations and use it properly.


  • Powerful engine let you use it with the maximum power.
  • The engine is with increased efficiency allowing you to use it for more time.
  • Variable speed trigger allows you to switch speeds.


  • A little heavy than other back pack leaf blowers.

#4. EGO Bare Tool 145 MPH 600 CFM 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Backpack Blower

Here we have another electric engine that gives you a massive power of 600 CFM. It is an electric tool so has comparatively lesser power than a gas engine but it is a suitable tool for household usage. The major reason it is suggested for house hold usage is the fact that the product is eight times quitter and lighter than the standard gas engines.

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The engine runs on a battery of 7.5Ah. This is just the bare tool and you need to get the battery and charger from some other place. Another point is that it doesn’t last for a long time when used will full power. You can switch the power of the engine with the trigger available. You can adjust it in the range of 320 to 600 CFM. At such low price, it is a great tool to be used for house hold usage but not so recommended for professional usage.


  • Electric Backpack Blower is a more efficient choice.
  • Extremely quite than a standard gas engine.
  • Variable speed flow option allows you to switch and use it efficiently.


  • The battery and charger are not available with the tool.
  • Low battery life when used at full power.

#5. Lawn Master, NPTBL31AB, 2-cycle 31cc No Pull Back Pack Blower

Here we have another product with a powerful 2-cycle gas engine design. A greatchoice for the processionals for its power and efficiency. The blower is available as both backpack or hand held design and you can choose and of them but surely handheld is recommended to professionals and household usage.

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Here you also get a no pull push button to start the engine with just a press. All you need to do is to charge the switch and press it to start the engine whenever you want. With one charge, it can start the engine for 150 times. Here the 31cc 2-cycle engine is so powerful to let you blow all the leaves no matter dry or wet and even stones easily. It has the max air speed of 175mph and max air volume of 470CFM.

Another good thing is the variable speed and cruise control setting which allow you to adjust the speed of the blow as per your usage. The fuel capacity is also large and allow you to work with it in one go. The backpack is extremely comfortable for its adjustable straps design allowing it to be used by everyone of every size.


  • 2-cycle 31 cc has engine which is very powerful
  • Variable speed and cruise control system providing more efficiency.
  • Push button start allow you to start quickly the engine.
  • Comfortable and adjustable back pack design


  • Not to be sold in California
  • A little too noise and to be used only with proper hearing protection.

#6. Maruyama BL 9000 HA Backpack Blower Hip Throttle 1068 CFM

This product is an “extra” combo as itself. The power, the capacity and the comfort. Everything is extra in this product. The blower comes with a 79.2cc powerful engine which is suitable to blow anything out there in the garden. The air capacity for the blower is also very large and can store 1068 CFM which provide you heavy power and air flow.

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It also has a special cooling feature which keeps it cool and allows the user to handle it easily with more comfort. It also has a center handle and flat top which makes the transporting easier. You also get extra-wide, padded straps from chest to lower back for the greater comfort of your body. The spring-loaded ergonomic frame has four heavy duty shock springs for lesser vibration and comfort. It also takes care of the lesser excretion allowing to keep your surrounding clean and healthy. It is a great choice for both household and professional usage.


  • Extremely powerful engine with 79.2 cc power.
  • Easy to use and control design allow you the free movement.
  • Spring- loaded ergonomic design gives you lesser vibrations and more comfort.
  • Lesser excretion keeps your surrounding clean and healthy.


  • The vibrations are low but noise is still unhealthy.
  • A little more powerful for new gardens.

#7. Husqvarna 150 BT, 50.2 cc 2-cycle 434 CFM251 MPH back pack Leaf Blower

this Blower has an X-TORQ engine which is more powerful and efficient in multiple ways. It increases the fuel efficiency by 20% allowing for more usage of the device with lesser fuel. It also reduces the emission of harmful exhaust by up to 60% keeping your surrounding clean and healthy.

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They also take care of your comfort. It has high air volume of 434 CFM and the air velocity is about 251 MPH. It offers you extremely low vibrations keeping you with much more comfort. Once you stop it, it automatically returns to the on switch so that it can start easily. You also get the cruise control with it which allow you to switch into the speed easily. It is available in both options about backpack and hand held options. It also has the ergonomic design which takes care of your comfort by minimizing the stress on your arms and hands. All the blowers of these company are cordless allowing you a free movement for faster and better performance.


  • The blower is with extreme power to do all the work.
  • The blower has 20% more efficiency and extremely less exhaust excretion.
  • Ergonomic design helps for easier and free movement.


  • The blower is very loud making it mandatory to wear proper hearing protection.
  • No adjustable waist strap to handle with heavy stuff.

#8. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 2 cycle Gas Backpack Blower

This one is another design and as all the major features similar to other blowers of the company. They offer you the X-TORQ engine. The engine is extremely powerful and efficient. It increases the fuel efficiency by about 20% and also reduces the harmful exhaust emission by 60%. It is a power with health and care.

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it requires minimal body and arm strain to sperate it.

The vibration is also extremely less and allow you to work properly with very less heat emission. The ergonomic design let you experience more comfort. You get the padded harness and hip belt for better comfort. The cruise control allows you to switch to different speeds easily.


  • X-TORQ engine provides better performance and efficiency.
  • Very less emission of harmful exhaust keeps you clean and healthy.
  • Variable speed control allows better efficiency and power control.


  • Extremely heavy noise to use hearing protection.
  • A little heavy product.

Best Backpack Leaf Blower 2020 : Buying Guide:

When you go for buying a backpack leaf blower, you need to know certain things about the leaf blower which affects its performance and you must be aware of these. This guide has all that a leaf blower must have and it will help you to decide which one will be best for you as per your usage.

Type of Engine:

A back pack leaf blower runs best on a gas engine and there might be other fuel. It can run on electric performance as well but the best results are present in the gas engine. There are also different kind of gas engines as well and you need to be certain about choosing them.

The two kind of engines usually used are 2-cycle engine and 4-cycle engine. Both the engines are fine to use depending on the use you want. 2-cycle engine is powerful and 4-cycle engine is efficient. One can save time and other can save fuel.

2 cycle engine has high power. It has the potential of twice the power than a 4-cycle engine which turns them a better choice for many people. All professionals prefer the 2-cycle engine instead of a 4-cycle engine. A 2-cycle leaf blower is also better as it has quite low weight than a 4-cycle engine.

The 4-cycle engine on the other hand IS extremely efficient with fuel consumption. They consumption is very low and saves your money in multiple ways. It is a great choice for some household usage and you will make the better use of it. Another reason to select the 4-cycle engine is that t makes extremely low sound compared to the 2-cycle engine. Even if you wear proper hearing protection, the 2-cycle engine will still disturb you.

Location of Throttle Controls:

The position of the throttle is very important as it makes the task easier to control the power output of the engine. It allows you to save your fuel. Different models might have these two different positions of the throttle. They are,

  • Mounted to the air flow tube
  • Attached to an arm that extends from the backpack’s frame.

Tube mounted throttle are usually preferred as they have the advantage of being placed on a handle. The user already holds the throttle to point the nozzle at desired direction. Because of better control, they are better option.

Ergonomic Design and Comfort Features

Ergonomic design refers to the comfort of the human body. It is evident to the manufacturer that the users will be spending a lot of time doing the task and spend so much time with the device so they introduce multiple features which will help the user to use the tool properly.

As of the comfort features. They also introduce padded straps and back panel, adjustable hip belt, rubberized or padded handle grip, adjustable handle, and anti-vibration mounts. These features make the tool better to use.

Conclusion: –

The list of the best back pack leaf blower has all the names that are too good with the features. We have brought all the necessary details about each product that you must know. These are the best product for all the kind of usage. You need to be defined about the usage and you will surely find a great product here.

As per the experts of our team, Maruyama BL 9000 HA Backpack Blower which is listed at number 6 is the best product for all the professional usage. It has power, it has efficiency and it has better performance as well. It misses nothing what you need. The gas engine gives more power and comfort as well. The only thing to consider is the use of hearing device due to noise.

For household usage, the best product for you can be Greenworks 80V 145MPH – 580 CFM Cordless backpack leaf blowers which is at number 2 in the list. It is an electric engine with extremely efficient performance and great comfort. The noise is also very less and healthy for you. It is easily to be used by everyone.

These devices are great to use and performance is extremely great. All the pros and cons are already been explained so you can go through the usage and performance and decide the one you need for yourself.

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