Ariens Razor 911175 Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review

Ariens isn’t a new player in the field of making outdoor power tools. You will find that it has a history dating back to the year 1933 when the company’s founder Henry Ariens showed his gas-powered new rototiller to his sons. Since then this company has been engaged in producing outdoor power equipment.A feather in its cap is the Ariens Razor 911175. This mower is self-propelled and gas-powered. To know more about this machine, read on below:

Ariens Razor 911175 Review


  • Its deep dome deck ensures better air circulation for smoother and easier mowing.
  • The machine comes with a 3-in-1 grass clipping disposal option. You can opt to bag the clippings, mulch it or dispose of it sideways.
  • The speed and handle of this mower are easily adjustable. This ensures the safety of the user.
  • The height of the mower’s deck is adjustable between 1inch and 4 inches.


  • Since the machine is gas-powered so you will have to keep its tank full.
  • There is a risk of leakages and fumes.

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This Ariens Razor 911175 mower is a very attractive product which is saffron and black. Measuring 45″x22″x18.5″ this gas-powered mower isn’t very light. It weighs a hundred or so pounds. So you might face problems while maneuvering it. But it shouldn’t be a lot. You should instead take this as a challenge to get a little bit of exercise in as you know your yard or lawn.

The engine of the machine is 159cc which ensures that you can get your lawn cleared easily. Since it is gas-powered so you can be assured of optimum performance. You will be able to clear out even the thickest of grass without any hassle. The blades are also so sharp that they won’t leave any grass frayed or cut unevenly. The blades coupled with the powerful engine gives you a smooth lawn.

The mower comes with a heavy-duty steel and deep-domed deck. This design ensures that there’s good airflow so that you get a great mowing experience. You will find that it has a 21″ cutting width which ensures that you can cover quite a good area with each swipe. This will make your job faster.

All it takes is just one pull to get the mower started. There is no need for priming at all. This coupled with the dome-shaped deck ensures that you get maximum airflow so that the cut is great and your finished lawn looks clean.

The mower’s deck height can be easily adjusted by using a lever that is situated by the right-hand side of the tool’s rear wheel. As such you don’t have to go searching for it all over in front of the mower or near the blades.

The cut grass can be dispensed off in three ways. One is that it can get discharged sideways, the second option is to bag the clippings and the third option is to mulch the grass clippings. This 3-in-1 grass cutting system ensures that you can deal with the clippings in a method that is suitable for you.

Maintenance and ease of use

The Ariens Razor 911175 is a product which is a product which is very easy to move and maneuver even though you might face some problems due to its weight. But the job is made vastly easy due to the rear-wheels which are present on the product. These self-propelling wheels allow the lawnmower to move on uneven terrain and that too with ease. All you need to do is move the mower on the path you want it to follow.

A great feature of this mower is that you can move it even without its self-propulsion feature. But this can be a difficult job because as said above, the machine isn’t exactly lightweight. It is quite heavy and will take some effort to push. This job will become more difficult when you try to push the machine on slopes.

The machine comes with 8″ wheels which have radial tires. These help in better maneuvering even around tight spaces and lessens the effort you would otherwise have to put in. Ariens Razor 911175 also comes with adjustable handles which helps in maneuvering the machine better. To make things easier, the handles also ensure that your hands and palms don’t get itchy, red, or fatigued after using the machine for long.

But even then the handle has a bar attached to it which works with the engine as well as the deck. When this bar gets depressed it becomes harder to operate and put pressure on your hands. This can cause fatigue if you use it for a long time.

You will be able to adjust the height of the handle so that it is a height you are comfortable with. Due to this feature, a lot of pressure will be taken off from your back which will result in fewer back pains later on.

The handlebar comes with a cruise control feature that enables you to change the speed at which the mower operates. You will be able to change it to the speed you are comfortable using. The machine can achieve a top speed of around 3 mph or to be exact, it’s 3.2mph. No one wants to run after their mower. So set it to a speed which enables you to cruise along and walk as the machine mows your lawn. Moreover, this adjustable speed feature will be very useful when you mow on a slope or hilly terrain.

The bar attached to the handle that engages the engine and the deck when depressed is a little hard to operate and can put some pressure on the hands which may eventually cause fatigue on prolonged use.

The deep-domed deck also ensures that the mower can easily slice through heavy and tall grass. You will find that even if the grass is wet, it still slices through easily. So no matter the conditions the mower will get its job done.

The height of this mower’s cutting deck is quite easily adjustable. It can be done by just using one lever. The deck’s height can get adjusted to 7 kinds of positions. These positions range within 1″ to 4″. With this, you will be able to get the different grass patterns throughout your lawn if you want. Moreover, you can get different grass heights if you want. This feature will help you get what you want and for different seasons too.


The engine of this machine is of 159cc. This ensures that you can get cleanly and smoothly cut grass without any hassle. The engine is powerful enough to cut through both thick and wet grass. Nothing can pose a problem to it at all. You will be able to complete your task faster with this powerful machine.

Performance and cutting quality

The cutting width of this machine is 21 inches. This ensures that you will be able to clear large areas easily. The machine has sharp and strong blades that can cut through grass easily.

The mower comes with a deep dome deck that allows for better air circulation so that the machine doesn’t get bogged down by any challenges like wet grass, thick grass, and such.

The height of the deck is very easily adjustable between 1 inch and 4 inches. You can bring this change by simply pulling on a lever. You also don’t have to stop the mower to change the height. It can be done while you are working on the machine. This will let you get the kind of grass height you need to make patterns if you want so in your lawn. This will be very useful when you will be trying to manage your lawn in different seasons.

Safety features

The speed of the mower is adjustable so you will be able to get the speed you want to cut on. This will reduce the chances of accidents especially in slopes or hilly terrain.

The height of this mower’s handle can be easily adjustable. This ensures that you can set it to the height which you are comfortable with and reduce back pain and aches. You will find that this will reduce hand fatigue and enable you to use the machine longer.

Other extra features

Ariens Razor 911175 comes with 3-in-1 options for cleaning the grass clippings. You can either mulch it, bag it, or disperse it sideways. All three types will be useful according to the seasons.

The bag which collects these grass clippings is also quite spacious and it ensures that you don’t have to empty it mid-way through your work.

It comes with a deep dome deck that allows for airflow circulation so that your work can get done easier and smoother.

The machine starts with just one tug and there is no need for priming. You won’t have to pull many times to get the mower started at all.


The company offers a very generous full 3-year warranty. This ensures that if anything goes wrong then you will be able to fix it easily.


For the price you get to pay for this lawn mower, the kind of features you get to enjoy is way too good. Coming from this company which is quite known for making some of the best lawn mowers and snow removing equipment, you can go for this product without having any second thoughts. The only thing which you need to pay attention to is the presence of gas in the lawn mower.

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